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ZU Audio’s DWX Loudspeakers Will Definitely Not Do You Dirty

We love it when Sean Casey talks dirty. Success can kill a product in our little outer ring quadrant, and that’s what happened to The Audio Dirty Weekend. Why did Zu have to switch to something else given the incredible interest? Profitability. They became too expensive to make with insufficient profits, and this forced them back to the drawing board.

Less than 10 months later, Casey and his talented Utah design team came up with the latest version of the Dirty Weekend concept. Enter In AudioDWX — which looks and feels even more enticing than the floorstanding speaker it replaced. It’s also pretty affordable. The DWX starts at $1,398 per pair; expect to pay more for different trims and upgrades to the performance package. Upgrading to a walnut finish and the Supreme Upgrade package pushes the price up to $2,457.

Dirty cheap stuff?

The Zu Audio DWX is a medium format monitor speaker that utilizes all the drivers and internals of the Dirty Weekend Six floor standing speaker. The smaller body size of the DWX makes it more versatile; they can be used as a stand, large bookshelf, low floor stands, studio monitors, or even as a center channel speaker.

In our experience, Zu monitor speakers such as the DWX are extremely efficient center channel speakers for those considering a 3.1 HT scenario.

The front panel port allows it to be used in confined spaces without compromising performance.

Size and weight DWX or DW6?

The DWXs are quite large compared to some bookshelf speakers and weigh almost 42 pounds.

The sonic goals of the DWX are essentially the same as those of the Dirty Weekend Six (DW6), in fact the drivers and internals are the same. The DWX uses a traditional bass reflex/driver setup and has a front port. The front panel port allows for better bass sync and also allows the DWX to be placed very close to walls and in tight spaces without degrading performance due to port location. The large port size with radius flares keeps port turbulence to a negligible level.

Like most Zu loudspeakers, the DWX is efficient (95dB-SPL at 1W, 1m), has a wide bandwidth (38-22kHz, typical in-room response), has a smooth off-axis transition, and reproduces a fairly voluminous stereo image. , durable and beautiful; a loudspeaker that responds to your music dynamically, accurately and richly.

The original DW6 was a tone connoisseur and we hope the DWX offers a very similar tonal balance.

ZU Audio DWX Rack Speaker Drivers

The Zu DWX uses the same full range driver as the older DW6.; 10″ Zu260 Full Range Driver (FRD). This driver is slightly less intense and uses a undercut/dynamic damping magnetic design; This means it will sound smoother and slightly less aggressive than the old DW6 speaker.

The crossover point between the FRD and the tweeter is 12 kHz; Which means that full-range driver covers almost 90% of the frequency range in this scenario.

Zu has also raised the level of finish over the previous generation Omen speakers. Walnut and hickory are machined to a thinner/flatter finish, with intermediate fine sanding between top coats, resulting in a deeper and more artsy looking wood finish.

Painted surfaces are also trimmed to a flatter surface, as well as intermediate sanded – the results resemble a solid polished stone on black satin.

Zu also offers super fly (+$399) and Supreme (+$699) Update packages for the new DWX that include higher-end drivers and tweeters, better capacitors in the tweeter’s high-frequency network, upgraded internal wiring, and additional modifications.

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product information

  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 23 inches [30.5 x 30.5 x 58.5 cm]
  • Weight: 42 pounds [19 kg]
  • Shipping weight: 50 pounds [23 kg]
  • Packed dimensions: 17 x 18 x 28 inches [43 x 46 x 71 cm]

General Performance Specifications [DWX, DWX Superfly, DWX Supreme]

  • Bandwidth: 38 – 22 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 95dB SPL at 2.8V, 1m
  • Impedance: 12 ohms nominal full range, 8 ohms basic
  • Wavefront: Virtual spot source from 12 kHz and below
  • Maximum program SPL: 118 dB-Z (slow)
  • Maximum input power: 200W program

Amplifier Output Power Guide

  • 5-20 W for low to medium sound pressure levels
  • 20-100 W for medium to very loud sound pressure levels
  • 100-500 watts for very loud beeps that damage hearing.

General assembly specifications

  • Full Range Driver: Zu260FRD-ND
    • 10″ FRD paper/CNT cone with neutral suspension 2″ spool on paper/Kapton former
  • Tweeter: Eminence ASD-1001
  • High Pass Network: Single Element Monopole Filter
  • Crossover: No, and there are no filter components on the full-range speaker.
  • Body: Composite wood, made in North America, veneered with natural wood or epoxy composite.

The price is for a matched pair. Choose from a black or silver aluminum tweeter lens and decorative speaker ring at checkout (free). Orders received today are delivered within 3-5 weeks depending on the finish of the hull.

For more information: zuaudio.com/loudspeakers/dwx

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