What you Should Know About Analog Security Cameras

The analog cameras They are one of the most indicated when making a video installation for security. Thanks to these you can have an advanced image and get great advantages after they are installed where we want.

security systems Beyond being well installed, they must have the best technology for their operation. In this way, it can be guaranteed that it will fulfill its job, which is to give an image of different areas. In this way, it will be possible to have information of different types and that are directly related to the security of a specific place.

That is why within this article we have prepared valuable information related to analog cameras. So if you are about to do an installation of this type, you should know everything that is related to these cameras. You will be able to get the most out of it once you have them.

What are analog cameras?

Before knowing what the analog cameras, it is important to make clear what a security camera is. These integrate a video surveillance system that is in charge of helping to prevent thefts, crimes or any other similar act. This can be installed from specific places such as in a house or even around an entire establishment or company.

Now when we talk about cameras with analog technology, we refer to a system with better solutions. These models are not only cheaper, but also offer a large group of advantages from the moment they are installed. One of them is high-definition technology, which is known as AHD or UAHD for better resolution.

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Thanks to these you can have high quality technology that allows you to increase the resolution you have in each shot. They are a great solution to be able to drive surveillance systems inside and out of establishments or companies. Now it is time for us to know some of its specifications to better understand its operation.

Specifications of this type of cameras


Knowing the specifications of these analog cameras you will be able to have a better panorama to understand its quality. That is why we have collected your most important specifications in the following list that we will show you. However, it is also important to note that each developer brand can add more elements to improve the performance they have.

  • It has aluminum casingswhich gives them better protection from external effects or vandal damage.
  • Can withstand different types of temperature or even drastic weather changes.
  • Has white balance and backlight compensation so that the image quality does not drop.
  • They can be installed in different ways according to the needs of the user.
  • some can drive motorized and the viewing angles can be wide to cover more spaces.
  • Count on noise reductionwhich allows to better capture the audio from the different areas in which they are installed.

Categories in which these cameras are divided

In this section we are going to show the different categories into which these cameras can be divided. Each of them can develop different types of technology and offer different advantages to users. Take note, depending on the needs you have, you may want one type or another for your installation.

Single Lens Reflex or SRL type camera

This is the most common among this type of cameras with analog technology. Its operation is based on the use of prisms and mirrors that allow to see each image that is in front of the camera. One of its characteristics is the way in which they can exchange objectives generating noise in the mirror change.

Rangefinder type camera

Its name is due to the rangefinder system, which allows you to measure distances and be able to better focus on a situation. As in the previous category, it has different mirrors that help to take the image better. They usually have good resolution even when the object is moving.

Main characteristics of analog cameras

Now that we know all this about this kind of security cameras, it’s time to see some of its features. In this way, after showing you this list we can make a comparison with the IP cameras. This will be of great help for you to buy these models for your security system.

The installation of the cameras

When the installation of this type of cameras it is important that you have a coaxial cable. This type of cable is responsible for data transmission from the camera to the command center. In addition, this allows good resolution in the monitor and image in HD in long distances.

the connection they have

As we already mentioned, these cameras do not work wirelessly in any type of security system. It is important the presence of coaxial cable to each camera so that you can receive the image in the best way. This will ensure that everything reaches the monitor and the command center where the images are viewed correctly.

Resolution of the captured images

In this type of cameras, the resolution is measured by the number of lines that exist between the verticals and the horizontals. Through these is that you can have the reproduction of the image correctly. As in other systems, when buying these cameras, the resolution will be measured in the number of pixels.

· Type of network you use

It is normal that cameras that usually use internet connection for data transmission may have problems. In the event that the connection drops, it will not be possible to have a good image reception, these cameras change in this. You have much more stability with the analog cameras for better performance.

One of the main reasons for this huge advantage is the way your bandwidth performs. For many specialists it is the one indicated because it could be said that they do not have any type of limit.

The way in which the video is transmitted


When using these cameras it is necessary to also have a suitable signal transfer system. In this case it can be the use of baluns or any other signal conducting device. So you can have all the video images in the correct way without any problem.

How are these cameras installed?

To finish this article, it is important to take into account some things for the installation of this type of cameras. In this way it will be guaranteed that the surveillance system is working correctly to have the expected results. If this is not the case, there is a risk that they will not end up working correctly.

The first thing to study is the places where they are going to be installed and the angles that you want to take. In this way, it will be much clearer type of technology and installation that is going to be done. In addition, the environmental factors that will surround the cameras must be taken into account.

There are sensitive places where there are shops with a lot of traffic or places where you want to protect cash registers. On the other hand, there are the facilities inside garages, urbanizations, buildings, shopping centers, among other places. This will be decisive for a good installation despite the fact that these models are resistant.

Legislation is also something that must be taken into account when making this type of installation. Remember that it is a system that will record personal images in different situations, so it must be legal. These laws may change within a private system or for public establishments.

Now that we have a better understanding of the functionalities and what the analog cameras, it is time to install them on the systems. These cameras will guarantee that the security of the specific place in which they are kept works correctly. Advanced technology which is effective and with high resolution to be able to protect the place you want without any problem due to its effectiveness.

Get great security with analog cameras

The quality offered by analog cameras it is really relevant, that is why it is one of the favorites of the users. It is increasingly common to see this type of cameras in security systems of major establishments. So if you want to have these cameras, you just have to agree to buy them in our store.

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