What is Biometric Access Control About?

What we saw in movies, the biometric access controlIt is already a reality in different places with total normality. facial recognition it is something we carry even on our mobile devices and now also at work.

Many times we watched movies where the security systems they were really advanced that seemed impossible to see in our day to day. Now biometric access with iris Recognition, face or even footprint we can have it in different places. However, the work process that these elements have is not well known, so we are going to delve into this.

if you want to have more knowledge about biometric access control to include it in your company, this is your article. We have prepared a group of information that will help you better understand this technology and add it to your life. Stay with us and discover much more.

What is biometric access control?

It’s not that hard to understand what the biometric access control and the way you work. In its effect, it is a high tech security system in which people are allowed access. However, when we read “Biometric” we refer to the use of specific body parts of each as recognition.

With the technological advances that arise every day, it has been possible to develop what we often see in movies. Facial recognition, access control through voice or even with iris reading to access. Some of these are already found in our day to day with the advances in different mobile devices.

However, this kind of control for access It is not frequent in a home or it does not reach our hands as in the mobile. The places where they are usually common are in companies, businesses or areas that are highly restricted. Your mission is just to give access to people that are included in a database.

How does this item work?

Now that we know what it is biometric access control, it’s time to understand the way it works. Every day it is more common to come across this type of technology, it is even what is expected for the future security. That’s why understanding the way it works ends up being necessary.

These are devices or devices that are easy to install and do not take up much space. Only need a software where you have the database of people who may have access. Once this can be give biometric access of people as indicated by the device or type of security.

  • The first element is the scanner or device that is in charge of doing the biometric reading in a certain place. This reading will be authentic and each of the registered users can access it, totally secure.
  • Also has a software which is responsible for receiving all biometric data read in a digital format. This way you can review your database and make the comparison to verify that you are the authorized person.
  • Once the match is established and it turns out to be the registered person, access will be given.

It is important to highlight that it is a totally secure system where the data of each user cannot be stolen. The fingerprint, iris or face is unique in each case, so no one can access with data from someone else. You should also have good software for recording and data storage.

Types of biometric controls that exist

Within this section we will know the different types of biometric controls that are usually used. These devices can read different aspects of the human anatomy depending on the model purchased. However, some are more expensive than others and the security level that you want will also allow you to have different mixes.

Fingerprint recognition

This is one of the most known and older. They usually work the same way as the ones on our mobile devices today. With the registration of the fingerprint of the person, it will be possible to have access to information or to a specific place. Its operation is very fast and reliable.

· Face recognition

This is another of the most recognized in the market, where a biometric study of the face. Different dots are drawn within the software that make each face unique. Then these are used to be able to recognize and compare with the people who undergo the recognition scanner.

This technology is also used in mobile devices, where only you can access your information. Its operation is simple, just be in front of the scanner so that the reading is done and access is given.

User voice recognition


Within security, this system is becoming very popular. A software is in charge of doing the voice record and the way in which it develops to later recognize it. It is usually used in high level security systems and where access is reduced to a small number of people.

Iris recognition

Many times we saw this method on television and it is about the iris reading which is unique to each person. Despite being very effective and difficult to circumvent, the iris can undergo changes during a person’s life. However, it is very effective to use the human eye recognition as access to a certain place.

Recognition of the handwritten signature


This is usually little used and its mission is recognize strokes and signature of registered users. It is in charge of visualizing each stroke and the speed with which they usually do them. However. It can cause problems in case you don’t always have the same speed.

Although these are the most recognized, there are other forms of biometric access that are often used. It is important to note that for this purpose special teams able to read this information. Also, the software must be special to have this type of information.

  • Recognition of finger position, size and position
  • vein reading
  • retinal scan
  • matching DNA
  • Step

Advantages and disadvantages of having biometric access control

Now that we know everything about how it works, it’s time to learn about the advantages and disadvantages. This will help you to finish deciding if you want to include this in your company or workplace. A very efficient security system which can add much more efficiency in user accesses.

Advantages of these systems

We begin with the advantages offered by having this type of systems within a company or restricted place. It is essential to connect them to be able to decide whether to buy and install one of these methods.

  • They are reliable systems that increase security to a much higher level.
  • Access can be regulated for only specific people.
  • It also serves to control access or exit times
  • The registration of the software serves to be able to have a control of the absences at work
  • Reduces failures in the hours that are paid to workers
  • Various types of access can be combined to provide greater security.

Disadvantages of these systems

Now is the time to know the negative aspects that can be had with these systems. These are not many, but they can determine purchase of business owners who want to apply it.

  • Investment and installation can be expensive, more than other security systems on the market.
  • The system may fail and people may not be correctly identified, preventing access.
  • If someone accesses the software, they can steal the information and allow access to other people or delete data.
  • Acceptance and rejection errors to people in the system

Clearly, the biometric access control You benefit from all these features that we have mentioned. The way they work is very efficient and can give great advantages to the place where it is installed. You only have to choose the type that you want to apply to buy and have the proper system installation.

Increase security with biometric access control

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of biometric access control, it is time to make the decision to install it or not. The truth is that these elements may lead your company to find itself in a higher level of security. In this way you can keep all the data that is under your power protected without any problem.

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