What is and how is a removable hard drive used?

Many times, it is necessary to have a removable hard drive to have backups or carry information from one place to another. That is why we must know how to use these elements properly so as not to make mistakes.

Inside the computer world, there are a lot of components and external elements that help in different ways. In this case, the advantage achieved is related to the storage of our computer or the programs that we want to have. Also, if an emergency occurs, these items are often an important factor that can save our information.

Now it’s time to get to know the removable hard drive a little better and the way it works. So you can know how to choose the best model and how they work once they connect. Stay with us and discover more about this very important element in the world of computing.

When we talk about a removable hard drive, we refer to an additional element of data storage that can be connected. Your job is to look like a peripheral that connects to any type of computer or mobile device that you have. Within this, you can save any type of information, from a file or photo to a complete program.

After being a removable and portable element, it offers the user the opportunity to be taken anywhere. These are often used to be able to do backups when formatting a computer. It also serves to have larger files that you don’t want to add to your computer, such as movies or even music.

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Many people use this type of hard drive to have a larger capacity than the one with the computer. They usually keep it connected for a long time or whenever it is necessary to use the information inside it. The truth is that they are very useful to be able to have more capacity when storing various files.

Main characteristics of these storage elements

Now that we know what a removable hard drive is, it is time to know some of its main characteristics. In this way, you can better understand how it works and what they can offer you when you buy it. This will also help determine which is the best on the market if you want to take one home.

We started this feature list by identifying the different types on the market at the moment. These can be divided into two categories: those that are magnetic disk models and those that are solid-state models. Let us now know what characterizes each one:

External hard drives that are of the magnetic type have magnetic fields that provide speed. Its main characteristic is the use of a head that reads and records all the information that is being sent. It is the one that is used the most today due to the performance it achieves.

Ideally, they should be constantly defragmented to take advantage of all the space; the faster your rotation can go, the better. They are extremely sensitive, so a minor blow could completely damage them. One of the main reasons people look for them is because of their low cost.

On the other hand, we have a solid disk, which is still not used by many people due to its cost. It has flash memory. Thanks to its semiconductor transistors, it lasts even without electricity. They do not have moving parts and are usually more resistant to shocks, in addition to not making noise.

Speed ​​they usually have

In the case of the removable hard drives of the magnetic type, the speed is determined by the rotation of the discs. In general, the speed that one of these elements must have is between 5,400 and 10,000 revolutions per minute. If you want to have much higher speeds, solid-state drives are better.

Solid-state drives are recommended when external operating systems are used on them. In addition, when movies or music are stored in large quantities that require higher speeds, they are ideal. They also usually have higher capacities than magnetic

Form of feeding and physical size

These elements are usually small; they can reach sizes of 2.5 to 3.5 inches, where the little ones feed on the device. It is thanks to this that they achieve better practicality in transporting and using any type of device. However, the larger ones have to use an additional power supply.

It should be noted that there are some 2.5-inch elements that need a Y-type cable. Thanks to this, they can be connected to two USB ports, one for power and the other for information exchange. In the case of the 3.5-inch ones, it is connected to the current with an external power cable.

Ways of connecting to devices

The external hard drive can be connected in different ways, either through external USB or SATA. However, most often, this occurs through the USB port standard that we all know. So you have easy access to and installation of mobile devices, laptops, or desktop computers.

There are some models that have Wi-Fi connection capability, so it will be possible to send wireless information. Speeds will vary depending on the type of connection, although they are not usually the fastest.

  • If there is a USB 2.0 port, the speed it reaches will be 60 MB/second.
  • If a USB 3.0 port has a speed of 300 MB/second, in the case of a solid-state one, it can reach 500 MB/second.
  • If an external SATA connection is used, the speed is 300 MB/second.


Currently, this element already has capacities greater than a terabyte, so it can be very broad. Depending on the developer and the type they are, they can have a large capacity, greater than that of a computer. This varies and can go from 128 GB to 5 terabytes or even more.

Now we will give you a list of tips to keep in mind once you have already purchased this item. With them, you can ensure that their use is correct and that they have a longer useful life. So if you have one in your hands, it’s time to follow these tips.

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Beware of blows

As we already mentioned, magnetic models are usually very sensitive to shocks; just one can be enough to damage them. In the case of solids, they are much more resistant for their composition. However, this does not mean that a strong blow can also damage their operation.


After being an element that we use with a USB port, many make the mistake of using it as a pendrive. Ideally, all items are used with great care because they may be running something when unplugged. For this, the ideal is to go to the lower right corner of the desktop and eject it manually before unplugging it.

Defrag if magnetic

As we already mentioned, the ideal is that if it is a hard disk that is of a magnetic model, it should be defragmented. This option will help to use all the capacity of the disk and to enter more information. In addition to this, the performance will also be able to increase with more speed.

The temperature is always important

Being a component that works gives off heat. That is why we must be careful with this when working on a device for a long time. Ideally, in cases of overheating, it should be disconnected so that it does not affect its operation.

Now that we know everything that a removable hard drive It’s time to take one home. Clearly, with this element, we are going to have better skills at work and higher performance. In addition, we can make backups when formatting or taking large amounts of information wherever we want.

Clearly, the removable hard drive It is a component that we cannot let go under the table. Having one of these elements in our possession will guarantee us a storage tool for longer. So keep in mind each of its features and the advice that we have given you when using it.

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