What are the sectors with the most job opportunities in Spain?

What are the sectors with the most job opportunities in Spain?

Know what are the sectors with more job opportunities in Spain can help you a lot redirect your professional career or find employment in your area of ​​expertise. Our annual report on the state of the Labor Market, based on the number of offers published in Infoempleo, reveals that these are the sectors and positions with more employment opportunities. Take note.

Health leads the sectors with the most opportunities

He healthcare sector continues to lead the options of the labor market in Spain. The shortage of professionals keeps demand on the rise, especially for doctors and nurses, that are essential for ensure adequate health care. The Nursing degree topped the list of most in-demand degrees in Spain last year, according to the analysis of the offers we made for the Adecco Infoempleo Report on employment supply and demand in the national territory.

These professionals are especially sought after for the areas of intensive careclinical patient safety, palliative care and centers or units of Primary Care. In this sense, there are not only problems with filling vacancies in the National Health System. The private demand has also increasedand is expected to continue rising throughout the year.

Biosanitary jobs related to care of dependent people and the elderly They are also among the most requested. Spain is the European country with the highest life expectancy. So the job offers for social and health care will continue to increase.

Among the areas that have grown the most in health is also the monitoring of clinical trials and the research of new diseases, so researchers and developers in Biotechnology are among the most in-demand professions by 2024.

Among the reference positions in the health sector are also those specialists in occupational medicine, to cover prevention and health care in the workplace.

Profiles sought in Education

Education is a constantly evolving sector offering numerous career options. In the last year the number of offers aimed at early childhood education teachers and also the need to secondary and high school teachers.

It also highlights how the demand for specialized business trainers. Professionals who develop courses and workshops tailored to the needs of each company, to update their employees.

Among the most required positions in this sector, psychopedagogues have acquired special relevance when it comes to helping the correct performance of the support for students with special needs.

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Also, at extracurricular levelthe work of the leisure and free time monitors is increasingly appreciated, to design strategic activities for develop essential skills in the little ones.

Early Childhood Education Teacher, one of the sectors with the most opportunities in Spain

Jobs in Logistics and Transportation

The geostrategic location of our country and increase in online purchases have caused a significant increase in job offers aimed at the logistics and transportation sector.

Professional specializations dedicated to merchandise transportslike the truckersare highly requested and they have a offer difficult to fulfill due to the shortage of professionals.

Regarding the transportation of people, the bus drivers They also contribute to meeting the demand for efficient transportation.

In warehouses and processing centers of orders, logistics technicians and the warehouse workers They also play an important role. Furthermore, the positions of dealers of merchandise remain stable, with demand peaks on prominent dates within the national calendar.

Most in-demand professionals in IT

Of course, the IT sector could not be missing from this list. The cybersecurity managers They are among the profiles most valued by companies given the demand for responsible technological solutions that they face.

Other professionals, such as software and application developersare of special relevance given the technological demand that exist in companies in all sectors. Likewise, the data engineering and the Artificial intelligence make up two of the great sources of employment of the IT sector by 2024.

At the infrastructure level, the cloud systems engineers they still are key gears of data processing and security in companies.

Tourism regains its prominence in employment

In Spain, tourism is one of the major protagonists of the labor market. That is why it could not be missing from our list. To level hotelierthe floor waiters and the hotel receptionists are highly required, especially in times like the summer or spring.

In the hospitality industry, the demand for chefs and Waiters with experience is a constant in the Spanish labor market.

Last but not least, the profile of travel agent is acquiring special relevance in the Spanish tourism market, given the increase in visits. In 2023 there has been a new record of foreign travelers in Spain, and it is expected that this year the number will continue to grow.

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