Transversal Profile: What it is and how it can help you in the current labor market

Transversal Profile: What it is and how it can help you in the current labor market

Recruiters are increasingly looking for workers who have a cross profile. This is a necessary response to the changing realities of the labor market, which force companies to adapt in an increasingly dynamic environment full of challenges.

You’ve probably heard this expression on numerous occasions, but you’re not sure what it means. Below, you will find some keys that will allow you to understand its importance.

What does “cross profile” mean and why is it necessary?

The pace at which the technological changes is increasingly accentuated. New innovative applications and techniques are continually emerging, putting enormous pressure on the adaptive capacity of organizations. The arrival of Artificial Intelligence to all work areas and the challenge it has posed for many professionals can serve as an example.

This has been driving for years the creation of multidisciplinary teams that include diverse talents that bring new and complementary perspectives to the projects.

It is in this context that the acquisition and retention of the transversal profile becomes important. The panorama described and the new work environments derived require the development of a set of competencies that allow you, as a worker, to be more effective in unforeseen situations.

There is not, nor can there be, a closed list of which skills make up a transversal profile. It is rather a proactive attitude towards change, which encourages you to seek continuous learning in areas that were not in principle part of the competencies of your profession.

What are the main characteristics of a worker with a transversal profile?

When talking about transversal profile, we take into account two sets competitions.

On the one hand, we have the technical skills. These are not universal, but are specific to each profession and each work area. They can include everything from knowledge of academic areas such as Mathematics, Language or Chemistry to experience with various computer applications.

On the other hand, there are the calls soft skillswhich can be applied to all professional sectors.

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Worker with a transversal profile increasing their employability

Among the latter, and remembering that this is not a closed list, some of the most in demand are:

  • Efficient communication. In a multidisciplinary work team, the ability to transmit your ideas to people who occupy different positions in an optimal way always benefits the whole. And it is important, of course, also for interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Analytical thinking. Successfully solving new problems or finding ways to shorten deadlines through more efficient processes requires the ability to understand a situation by separating it into its constituent parts and reaching conclusions.
  • Creativity. This is a skill especially beloved by recruiters at companies where innovation is an important goal. It is often innate in people.
  • Proactivity. Being able to anticipate problems and not limit yourself to reacting and looking for possible solutions when they have already happened is one of the most in-demand qualities within the transversal profile.

What can you contribute to your organization?

If recruiters are trying to attract more and more people who develop their transversality, it is not on a whim. Responds to real derived needsas has been seen, of a labor market that is increasingly dynamic.

This means that if you decide to implement the multidisciplinary skills of the transversal profile, you will have better chances of finding a jobsince you will have more to contribute to the team of which you will be part.

To begin with, the recruiter will assess your flexibility and adaptabilitysince you are a person capable of working in various positions with different responsibilities and not anchoring yourself to a professional comfort zone.

With your multidisciplinary skills you have a potential for innovation and creativity which other candidates may lack, and which will be essential to achieve the organization’s objectives.

Finally, they will see in you a worker with greater productivity.

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