The Most Dangerous Viruses of 2023

New year, new virus. Many of them have been with us for a long time, but others are emerging, and it is important that you get to know them, to know what you are up against, and thus be able to stay one step ahead. Discover the most dangerous viruses of 2023.

The 10 Most Dangerous Viruses of 2023

If you want to be up to date on the most dangerous viruses of this year, pay attention because they are the following:

1. Clop ransomware

Clop ransomware is an encryption malware that hides files using the .clop extension, preventing access to users. It is capable of infecting various versions of Windows and is considered highly dangerous. That is why you must be very careful, especially if you use this operating system.

2. SpyEye

It is malware designed to steal users personal information online. It includes a kind of key capture to obtain what the user types, for example, a password, in order to access their personal accounts. That is why it is very dangerous, and you have to be very careful.

3. Zbot/Zeus

It is a Trojan that can infect Windows users and steal confidential information. It also tries to download configuration files and updates from the Internet for even more power. It can steal private data, and what’s worse, it can be customized to be even more aggressive and even allow bank details to be stolen, for example.

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4. Heliconia Noise

It is a framework that displays a PDF file infected with a Windows Defender exploit. Can grant system administrator privileges and perform actions like recording audio, redirecting phone calls, and stealing text messages and call logs. It is one of the most dangerous things that you will see throughout 2023, and you must be very careful.

5. Ramnit/Nimnul

This Trojan has evolved from its initial form as a self-replicating worm. It uses data theft modules and web injection capabilities, thus stealing usernames, passwords, and cookies. That’s why you shouldn’t lose sight of it this year.

6. Kronos

It’s malware that focuses on stealing user credentials through keylogging. Typically, it steals data and demands a financial ransom in return. You also have to know it and be very careful, because it could be waiting for us anywhere to capture our most sensitive data.

7. Ryuk

It is a ransomware that initially attacked large companies, but in 2020 it began to attack hospitals and health care services in the United States. It is activated through the Trojan trickbot and encrypts files using symmetric and asymmetric encryption. It is important to name it because it is undoubtedly very dangerous.

8. Panda

Panda is a Trojan that uses techniques similar to Zeus malware, the third one we are talking about in this list of the most dangerous viruses of 2023. It has the key capture part, but we could say that it is more stealthy. It hides under the name of Panda Cloud to camouflage the Trojan and, in return, steal user information or passwords. Be very careful with this virus.

9. Bizarre

It’s a recent trojan that steals information from users. It spreads through malicious links in spam emails or through applications that contain malware. That is why you must be careful with the emails you receive and with what you download to avoid them.

10. Shylock

Last but not least, we have this malware designed to steal user credentials. It uses a domain generation algorithm to receive commands between malicious servers and infected systems. It is mainly found in drive-by downloads on compromised websites and in malvertising.

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How to Protect yourself from the Main Viruses of 2023?

There are basically two ways to do this (apart from being very careful):

  • Anti-virus: try to have an updated antivirus on your computer (especially if it is Windows) so that it can detect possible new viruses that enter your computer and eliminate them in time.
  • Backups: In order not to face a possible loss of information, what you can do is make periodic copies of your information. That way, you won’t lose anything again, even if your computer gets infected and you have to format it. That is why we recommend making a good backup.

Apart from these two tips, remember that information is power. Now that you know these viruses exist, it’s important to be careful where you click or what you download, because if something doesn’t smell right to you, you should always be wary.

Going one step ahead and being up-to-date on security protects you. So do not hesitate to read us continuously. If you add to that the regular backups, there is no doubt that it is the best investment. What can you do for your safety and peace of mind?

Do you have any questions about the most dangerous viruses of 2023? Ask us!

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