The Ministry of Finance calls for 2,209 public employment positions

The Ministry of Finance calls for 2,209 public employment positions

The BOE has launched 2024 with good news for people looking public employment. The Ministry of Tax authorities need to cover 2,209 places in two different categories. 1,042 places will be allocated to the Technical Corps and 1,167 to Public Treasury Agents. If you are interested in this call, we will explain all the information about the requirements and deadlines that you must meet to qualify for the Treasury examinations.

How many places are offered and how will they be filled?

Last Monday, January 8the Ministry of Finance called 2,209 places of entry into the Technical Body and the General Administrative Body. The calls are aimed at the specialty of public treasury agents of the State Administration.

Selective access for entry is carried out through two different methodologies. Both by the general system of free access and by internal promotion. So, for the General Administrative Body, 823 places for the free access systemwhile 344 are stipulated to be filled through the internal promotion system.

Within these places, 82 of the free access and 28 of the promotion system are designed for the professionals with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%. Of the 1,042 places available for the Technical Corps, 504 will be awarded through the free access system and 538 will be allocated to the internal promotion system.

What requirements must you meet to qualify for the Ministry of Finance examinations?

The people who want to present themselves freely These oppositions must meet the following requirements:

  • Spanish nationality.
  • Be sixteen years of age and not exceed the maximum age of forced retirement.
  • Be in possession of a Bachelor’s or Technician’s degree (FP). In the case of degrees obtained abroad, you must be in possession of the corresponding homologation credential or, where applicable, the corresponding certificate of equivalence.
  • Possess the functional capacity necessary to perform duties that arise from the position to be held.
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For the internal promotion positions It is necessary to have worked at least two years as a career civil servant or permanent staff.

What will the selection process be like?

The system to proceed to selection of candidates, both in free tests and in internal promotion, it is carried out with the method of contest-opposition. For this, they will be carried out eliminatory exercises related to the matters included in Annex III.3 of the BOE, composed of a maximum of 60 questions. The qualification of this first exercise is carried out using the labels “passable” or “not suitable”. The second part of the exam is based on a questionnaire with ten practical assumptions specific application and its rating can range from 0 to 60 points.

He term to submit applications for public employment is twenty business days from January 9. In order to make the request, you will have to log in via telematics mandatory through the electronic certificate or the Cl@ve PIN system from the electronic headquarters of the state Tax Administration agency.

How to prepare for the Treasury exams?

As we have briefly commented, with a view to prepare your oppositions, you must take into account the content included in Annex III.3 of the BOE. Knowledge about the different subjects and practical applications They will be essential to be able to do a good job during the exams.

It is also advisable that you take into account the study strategies to prepare for the tests. For the multiple choice exam, you may need specific strategies to review this exam methodology. The outlines and brief and concrete summaries They can help you a lot in this regard. Additionally, you should keep in mind that the study method you choose is just as important as what you are going to study. Techniques such as extended pomodorohe Leitner method wave Feynman technique They can help you optimize your learning and keep you calm before the exam.

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