The importance of defining objectives in networking events

The importance of defining objectives in networking events

Correctly set the objectives at networking events when you plan to go to one of them is what will allow you maximize your effort. Otherwise, it’s entirely possible that he’s just another time thief and a huge missed opportunity.

Networking: establish professional contacts to continue growing

For any professional, whether they belong to the staff of an organization or have decided to follow the path of entrepreneurship, detecting the best opportunities involves build a solid network of work and personal contacts. This process is what we call networking.

There are many ways to strengthen networking synergies, but one of the most effective is undoubtedly events such as fairs, congresses, conferences or similar. In them you will be able to interact with people from the same sector and who share interests and objectives with you.

This is not, therefore, a typical social gathering. It is one of the ways of generate business opportunities and therefore it is not a good idea for you to leave the results to chance. Improvisation only produces good results if you are a Jazz musician.

Because it’s not just about being there and handing out business cards to everyone. He effective networking It is always the result of careful planning. In the same way that in a marketing action it is necessary to know the target to which it is directed.

Why it is necessary to work on objectives at networking events

There are several reasons why you should go with your homework done when you arrive at one of these events.

  • First of all, you will be very clear about what it is what you hope to achieve and you can focus on it. It will prevent you from feeling lost.
  • Time is money, remember that. The event you attend will have a specific duration and having clear objectives will allow you to target who you are looking for.
  • You will be able to concentrate on one strategy for attracting contacts that are truly of interest to you and dedicate the time to each one as necessary.
  • Having clear and defined objectives will allow you to carry out the monitoring and evaluation of what you have achieved. And, therefore, be more effective on future occasions.
  • You can stick to goals that you have set for your professional future.
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Defining your objectives at networking events

When you go to a networking event, there will always be some general objectives and other specific ones. The first are those common to any of those attended by any professional or company:

  • Strengthen and expand your network of contacts. It can be said that it is the most basic of all.
  • Informing yourself about the news that is happening in your sector allows you to stay up to date and know what challenges you are going to face. You can also communicate with other professionals with whom you can learn and share experiences.
  • Make your brand or your personal project visible in the most appropriate environment.

As for the specific objectives They will depend on the goals you have set or what you hope to achieve in a specific event. Some examples could be:

  • Meet potential customers interested in your product.
  • Change job.
  • Get in touch with relevant people in your sector to establish professional contacts.
  • Practice and improve your communication skills.
  • Seek advice and mentoring.

Some keys that you should keep in mind

You have already seen that you must optimize your time during a networking event. For this reason, and in order to achieve an optimal degree of effective communication, prepare your elevator pitch. Thanks to this well-known technique, you will be able to promote yourself and make yourself known in a short time. If you practice it enough, you will make it sound as natural as possible.

Make a previous research of which people and organizations will be present at the event. This will allow you to efficiently select who you should approach and why.

If you are going to promote a service or product, do not forget to be equipped with explanatory brochures and perhaps product samples (if applicable).

make a post-event follow-up. To do this you will have to record who you have talked to and what you have talked about to later reinforce that contact.

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