The 6 most in-demand skills in 2024

The 6 most in-demand skills in 2024

We live in a time of change and digital acceleration that makes it difficult to stay up to date with developments in the labor sector. The most in-demand skills, like professions, transform over time and promote an environment of continuous training and updating of knowledge.

In this sense, 2024 brings with it a series of skills that will be widely in demand by different labor sectors. The advancement of technology and the application of AI make these 6 a must for any professional. If you want to stay updated, don’t miss any details.

Most in-demand skills in technology

Project management. Project management skills, regardless of the sector to which they are applied, are increasingly sought after by companies. This is based on the knowledge and strategies that professionals must know how to apply to processes to achieve maximum efficiency. Know how to organize priorizationhe follow-up and the interdependence of tasks is essential for the proper functioning of any job. Project management is also especially useful if you have the objective of coordinate teams. United with a good formed at leadershipcan greatly enhance your profile.

Big Data. Although there is specific training in this area, being able to find patterns and behaviors based on data is a useful aspect for any professional. From social networks to purchases made by customers, knowing how to extract efficient data from among a large number guarantees knowing the details that will make any company a success.

Cybersecurity. Another of the great branches of knowledge that has been in demand for some years is cybersecurity. However, even if this is not your sector, it is advisable that you know the standard notions of Data Protection and Internet security. In companies where you work with especially sensitive data (such as customer data), you must know how to apply a series of measures that guarantee its correct custody.

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Generative AI. Continuing along the lines of these last two years, training in generative Artificial Intelligence will continue to be one of the training needs most in demand by companies in 2024 (and presumably also in the years to come).

The functions to automate, create varied content and save time for professionals make generative AI a true technological revolution. That is why, in various sectors, we can consider this ability as the most demanded of 2024.

Managing projects, one of the most in-demand skills

Most in-demand personal skills

Critical thinking. This capacity is not a new concept, although it has become popular in recent years. Critical thinking is based on power analyze the given reasoning from an objective prism. This skill can be extrapolated to a company’s businesses, processes and solutions. So the ability to find innovations is developed thanks to observation, comparison, relationship, classification and description.

emotional intelligence. Perhaps it is one of the great forgotten ones in terms of skills. However, emotional intelligence guarantees that the professional act with responsibility and empathy in your work space. The bad work environment and cases of bullying They are, even today, a reality in Spanish companies. Have professionals who have the ability to manage your own emotions so that they help communicate effectively, it is essential in any company team. Furthermore, profiles with good emotional intelligence management are excellent at overcoming challenges and resolving conflicts.

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