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TCL Sets Sights on Dominating U.S. TV Market with 2023 Premium LED/LCD TVs

TCL has released details today, including pricing and availability for its extensive lineup of premium TVs for 2023. 4K LED/LCD displays range from the 43-inch S-Class ($279.99) to the new 98-inch flagship Q. Class QLED TV ($9,999.99). For smaller screen sizes, TCL will offer the “S3″ model, which is available in sizes ranging from 32″ to 43”. The S3 is a Full HD 1080p TV with HDR (high dynamic range) support, which is normally only found on 4K TVs.

The company offers a full range of smart TVs in almost every size and price range. TCL has made special efforts to improve image quality, usability, gaming experience and overall aesthetics while maintaining extremely competitive prices. The company’s S-Class smart TVs will be available in two flavors: models ending in “R” include Roku TV, while those ending in “G” include Google TV. The higher “Q Class” QLED models are only offered with built-in Google TV. Both platforms offer a wide range of streaming apps, smart TVs and smart home features.

This year, each new model in TCL’s S Class and Q Class TV lineup will feature a modern “bezel-less” design that we usually only see on more expensive models. TCL has also upgraded its own AIPQ Engine to improve picture quality over last year’s TVs, which already looked impressive. TCL sees a special opportunity for very large displays over 65 inches. TCL Senior Vice President Chris Hamdorf told us at a press briefing earlier this month that the company sold more than 50,000 of its huge 98-inch TVs last year in China alone. Hamdorf sees even more potential in the North American TV market.

The 98-inch TCL QM850 flagship TV features over 2,300 local dimming zones for precise picture control.

Having seen many of these sets up close, I tend to agree. Many American consumers will find it attractive to opt for a massive flat-panel TV that can provide a truly cinematic viewing experience at home without requiring a second mortgage. Hamdorf also discussed the company’s close partnership with the NFL. The CEO sees this as a great opportunity to increase brand awareness among US consumers.

TCL is planning an aggressive pricing strategy to bring higher-spec TVs to consumers at affordable prices. The 32-inch S3 Smart TVs are under $180, while the entry-level 4K S4 model is $279 in 43-inch size. Their Q6 QLED models feature quantum dot technology starting at $500 for the 55-inch model and under $1600 for the 85-inch model. Even their new flagship, the 98-inch QM850 — an advanced QLED TV with mini LED backlighting — will cost less than $10,000 — thousands less than competing models of similar size. Actual retail prices are generally lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and sometimes significantly lower.

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Here’s what Hamdorf had to say about the new line: “TCL has been ranked among the top two best-selling TV brands in the US for four consecutive years, and with the incredible new products we’re launching today, I have no doubt that we’ll continue this leading position in the TV space. . Our customer focus, combined with our innovation and vertical integration advantages, has proven to be a winning formula for high performance, high quality TVs.” He continued, “With TCL’s immersive extra-large screens and higher resolution content, consumers can experience the same cinematic field of view as they would in movie theaters without worrying about viewing distance. Whether it’s movies, sports, shows or video games, TCL is ready and committed to building TVs that cater to all entertainment needs.”

In the living room, the free-standing TV is empty.  Generative AI
The TCL Q6 4K TV features Quantum Dot color printing technology and has a suggested retail price of $499.

At the event, TCL compared one of its Q Class Quantum Dot LED TVs to a competitive model that has sold for thousands of others. In complex content like the Death Eaters attack on Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the TCL set held its own, and then some others. Voldemort’s eerie face became even more eerie, and shadow detail in the dark became easier to see without looking blurry or bland. Bright 4K UHD content also looked amazing on the new screen. The peak brightness was so high that I wished I had brought my sunglasses with me.

TCL Q Class Q6 is now available in 55″ (55Q650G) MSRP $499.99, 65″ (65Q650G) MSRP $699.99, 75″ (75Q650G) MSRP $899.99 and 85″ model (85Q650G) MSRP $1599.99.

The upgraded Q7 is available in 55″ model (55Q750G) MSRP $749.99, 65″ model (65Q750G) MSRP $999.99, 75″ model (75Q750G) MSRP $1399 .99 and the 85-inch model (85Q750G) for a suggested retail price of $2199.99. .

The flagship 4K TV QM8 (QM850) will be available in sizes from 65 to 98 inches. QM8 now available in 65″ (65QM850G) MSRP $1699.99, 75″ (75QM850G) MSRP $2299.99 and 85″ (85QM850G) MSRP $2799 .99 USD. The 98-inch model (98QM850G) will come later.
this year at a suggested retail price of $9,999.99. The company’s existing 2022 98-inch model (model 98R754) is being carried over to 2023.

The new 98-inch QM8 model features over 2,300 individually controlled backlight zones for enhanced local contrast, deep blacks, and vibrant, saturated colors without smearing or ghosting. Q Class sets not only include support for HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma), but also dynamic HDR Dolby Vision and HDR10+, which means they can squeeze every detail out of any premium 4K content, from streaming to next-gen gaming consoles to UHD. Blue Ray.

*Note: Amazon removed all versions of Roku-based S3 and S4 TVs shortly after this article was published. We are currently deleting these links while we investigate.

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