Step-by-step guide to creating a perfect Copywriter CV

Step-by-step guide to creating a perfect Copywriter CV

The figure of advertising writer or copywriter has spread in recent years due to the need for adapt and highlight texts for different audiences. To dedicate yourself to this profession you need much more than knowing how to write well. The texts must stand out for their originality and their ability to capture the attention of the target audience. For create a perfect copywriter resume, this ability must be reflected, so that you can convince the recruiter from the first word. If you want to know how to do it, we explain it below.

Copywriter CV, How to write it?

To write the Copywriter resume, it is important can show your way of expressing yourself From the first moment. Sections like the profile summary or the tasks carried out in professional experience must be able to show your expertise.

To begin this work, it is convenient that you structure the common sections to any resume.

1.- Contact information. Name, telephone and email. What is necessary so that recruiters can locate you if you are selected.

2.- Professional summary. It should be short and ideally go under your name and the position you aspire to apply for. Ideally, it should be brief and be able to condense who you are as a professional in about three or four lines.

3.- Work experience. Try to make each experience relevant to the position you are trying to apply for. If you don’t have copywriting experience yet, don’t worry. In that case, cite the tasks you have performed in other jobs that you think can help you perform as a copywriter.

4.- Education. Although there is no official academic training, you have other areas that are very helpful. The Degree in Advertising or Marketing will be especially relevant. In addition, there are also numerous courses and masters that will help you specialize.

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Publicist improving his copywriter CV

Once the common sectionsin order to find work as a copywriter, you also have to take into consideration other key steps.

5.- Keywords. Automatic Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) take these into account. keywords to filter to the applicants. For that same reason, take care that your CV contains relevant words for the position. Whether it is “storytelling”, “SEO”, “Call to action” or others that you consider relevant to the offer.

6.- Achievements and projects. Highlights the work experiences that you think can be of help to you. Campaigns with good performance, conversion rates or improved positioning are examples that can differentiate your profile.

7.- Copywriting skills. In this section you must collect all your relevant technical skills. Knowledge in digital marketing or in the use of SEO tools can greatly enhance your profile. Of course, it is also convenient that you add your own competencies.

What else does it take to get a job as a copywriter?

To show your know-how, it is essential that you have structured your creative writing portfolio. In this way, you will teach your Previous jobs and you ability to adapt to different texts. Ideally, you teach different types of narrative. Whether it is copy for social networks, scripts, advertising campaigns, storytelling, etc. Shows the different records in which you can develop.

It would also be advisable that, once you gain experience, count on your own website or a professional page on which to add your profile. This will allow you to show your portfolio more extensively, talk about the brands you have worked with and the type of work you have carried out for each one.

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