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Soundsmith Unveils New Range of Phono Cartridges & Components: High-End Munich 2023

Soundsmith Peter Ledermann from Peter is a truly charming man; he is also a man with a huge heart and someone who has done many charitable things behind the scenes in the audiophile world. Spending your hard-earned money with it should make you feel good. Many of us have traveled to his Hudson Valley factory to repair cartridges, and you always leave with more than just a cartridge.

Peter opened the Soundsmith repair center for high quality audio in 1969 at Audio Experts in White Plains, New York and taught audio engineering and maintenance as he had done continuously for over 50 years. The company has moved to Peekskill and it’s worth taking the time to travel if you live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Vermont.

Do you have an old Bang & Olufsen Turntable and need to repair the cartridge?

Call Peter Ledermann.

Are you looking for a very high end phono cartridge that will enhance the sound of your vinyl? Call Peter Ledermann.

Soundsmith does things very differently, and it would be a mistake to think of them as nothing more than a pickup manufacturer.

Not only do they offer excellent cartridge repairs and tip replacements for a very wide range of brands, they also make them some of the best in the business. Ledermann also offers phono stages, power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Soundsmith didn’t make it to the High-End Munich Show 2022, but we’re excited to see this innovative company back on the road where their cartridges can be showcased with some of the world’s most exotic turntables.

Peter Ledermann will be bringing a complete Soundsmith system to the show, including Soundsmith amps, preamps, speakers, Hyperion and Strain Gauge cartridges, and two STST tables adorned with reference Schroeder tonearms.

High-End Munich 2023 will feature 8 new products from Soundsmith, which visitors can find in Hall 3, Stand N06/P07.


Mostube One

Soundsmith is proud to introduce MOSTUBE ONE, a durable solid state replacement for the most popular power vacuum tubes. The result of many years of development is this device, which is characterized by exceptional stability, automatic matching, no need for adjustment, “tube” sound (2nd order products) with automatic increase in amplifier power by 30-50%. Replaces 6550, KT66 through KT150, EL34, 6L6 and others. No more wondering if your power tubes are failing due to age or amplifier damage due to internal tube failure.

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MCP-5 transimpedance preamplifier

Soundsmith MCP-5 phono stage

The NEW Soundsmith MCP-5 transimpedance preamp features ultra-clear sound thanks to its transformerless design and unique stepless gain control from 60dB to 80dB. The new MCP-5 also boasts the industry’s lowest noise level thanks to its high gain transformerless design. Gone are the variable “hit and miss” efforts trying to figure out if your step-up transformer is the right fit for your cartridge, or the potential degradation due to ringing and non-linearity common to some transformer designs.

Hyperion and Sussurro TI cartridges

Hyperion Whisper TI

In addition to the MCP-5 and other designs of Soundsmith’s transimpedance phono stages, Soundsmith’s new TI-compatible Hyperion MKII-ES-TI and Sussurro MKII-ES-TI models are now available. Many dealers selling TI preamps have learned that not all cartridges are compatible with these unique phono stages. Now that two new Soundsmith models have appeared, doubts have disappeared.

Unbreakable Soundsmith IROX Cartridges

Soundsmith IROX Blue and IROX Ultimate cartridges

Finally they are here. New Soundsmith IROX BLUE-ES and IROX ULTIMATE-ES “Unbreakable” cartridges with improved performance. Now, for the first time, there’s no need to compromise when you need a heavy-duty unbreakable cartridge. No, the cleaning service cannot destroy it with a rag. No, kids can’t break it either. The world’s first high-performance cartridge without “oops”. From Soundsmith. Who else?

Breakthrough in Signature Series Load Cells!

Soundsmith Signature Strain Gang

Another breakthrough Soundsmith. Our world-class strain gauge systems have moved into another realm of silence. With a new NEW load cell design developed here at Soundsmith, as well as a new preamp design, their Signature Series models now boast an additional 21dB of noise reduction.

Soundsmith Hyperion MR Cartridge

Soundsmith Hyperion MK II MR

Soundsmith has developed a unique version of its highly acclaimed Hyperion cartridge, featuring not only an additional reduced internal moving mass, but now a “Micro-Ridge” stylus. A new stylus design that retains its responsiveness and play characteristics remarkably over its lifetime under normal wear. Each one is handcrafted by Soundsmith’s chief engineer, Peter Ledermann. Wear out or destroy by accident? Need a makeover? $950 always – less than 10% of suggested retail price

For more information: www.soundsmith.com

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