Search for work in the USA

Search for work in the USA

The United States is one of the leading economic powers in the world and there are many job opportunities it offers. Millions of people from different countries emigrate there seeking to fulfill the American dream. Are you thinking about looking for work in the USA? We tell you some keys.

When we talk about the United States we are referring to one of the largest countries on the planet, with almost ten million square kilometers. And one of the most populated, with a census that exceeds 300 million people. It is a world power built by emigrants that generates a GDP that exceeds 17 billion euros per year. According to official data, the unemployment rate during 2017 stood at 4.1% last September.

Basic indicators of the labor market in the US

Population: 332.31 million inhabitants.

GDP per capita: €72,710 in 2022 (Spain was at €28,280 in the same year).

Average Annual Salary: 61,623 per year (in Spain it is €28,360 per year).

Minimum Interprofessional Wage: €1,178.2 (in Spain it is €1,260 per year).

Unemployment rate: 3.8%.

Job offers that interest you

Many American companies hire Spaniards to carry out activities related to the areas of science, engineering, technology and mathematics. These are some of the professionals that are most required:

  • Computer systems analyst
  • Engineers software
  • Network administrators
  • Industrial Engineers

For this type of work, the The visa that is usually required is the H-1Baimed at highly qualified profiles, generally in the technological field.

These are other of the most in-demand occupations that usually require a less specialized visa (L1A and L-1B):

  • Seller in stores
  • ATMs
  • Food handling and serving, including fast food
  • Office Workers
  • Nursing professionals
  • Customer service or customer service
  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Waiters
  • Administrative assistants and secretarial employees
  • Janitors and cleaners

How to look for work in the USA

As it cannot be otherwise, when going to another country the language is essential. In certain areas of the United States, Spanish is going to be a strong point on your resume, but in any case you will have to have a good level of English. If you need to strengthen your English, check out the courses we offer at Avanza en tu Carrera.

In the United States, the selection process is usually long and complex. If the company expresses interest, it is normal that you have to carry out up to three personal interviewsSo be patient. But to get to the interview, as usual, you will have to present your resume (summarizes) and the cover letter (cover letter).

Photo showing the landscape of a job at ESA

Cover letter or cover letter

The presentation letter Its objective is to briefly introduce yourself, explain why you are interested in working for that company and highlight the most important aspects that you fulfill with respect to that candidacy.

In the upper right part you will put your information and in the left part those of the person and company you are addressing. Regarding the content, the letter will be composed of four paragraphsalthough you can structure it as best suits your interests:

  • First paragraph: Explain why you are writing to them, give references about yourself, and argue why you are an ideal candidate for the position.
  • Second paragraph: explain what motivates you to work at that company, your interest in the organization and the position. Here you must emphasize your qualities for employment.
  • Third paragraph: highlight the most important thing in your CV with some practical example, if possible.
  • Fourth paragraph: indicate that you are attaching your CV and the interest you have in holding an interview. Let them know that you will contact them in the coming weeks to follow up on your candidacy and invite them to contact you if they are interested.
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Curriculum vitae either summarizes

As for the summarizesThe most important thing is to be brief. Avoid going past one side of a page. The difference between the summarizes American and the Curriculum vitae It does not simply lie in the name, but in the information presented and its structure. He summarizes It does not seek to expose all your experience and knowledge, but only those that are relevant.

Please note that in the summarizes photo not included. It is also not advisable to enter age, sex or nationality. Anti-discrimination legislation is very strong and many companies establish in their selection protocol to throw away CVs with this type of data so that they cannot be sued by candidates.

First of all, explain your professional objectives or goals and write a short professional profile about yourself. Do not use overly sophisticated language, but rather direct and clear.

If you are applying for a position juniorit is normal to highlight education and, if it is for a position senior, you will highlight your experience. Based on this, the order of education and experience changes in the summarizes. Lastly, enhance your achievements or successes individual (prizes, projects, etc.).

Submit your application online

If you are looking for work in the United States, don’t forget to consult the following portals:

A barrier in the way: the USA work visa

A fundamental aspect that you should not ignore is the visa. We Spaniards can enter the United States without problems but not to work or look for work. That is, you cannot go and, once you are there, find a job and apply for a work visa. You have to arrive with the job and the visa already obtained.

There are two types of visa, temporary and permanent, which translates into the Green Card. The procedure is complex and to request it there are actions that the company that wants to hire you must take and paperwork that you as a worker will have to complete. Additionally, you must have a personal interview with the United States Consulate.

There is another very curious way to get the visa, through the visa program. Migratory Diversitywhich is also known as visa lottery either visa lottery. Each year, 55,000 applicants are randomly granted visas. Registration is free and can only be accessed through the official website (it is not at all necessary to go through an intermediary to sign up).

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