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Roku’s Expanded Lineup Of Smart Home Products Can Protect Your Home

It’s been less than seven months since Roku and Walmart jointly announced the launch of the Roku smart home product line. Products included security cameras, video intercoms, lighting, plugs and more.

Based on the success of these products, Roku has announced that it will further expand the smart home space with new products and features.

Tip: All Roku Smart Home devices are certified by ioXt Alliance, the global standard for IoT security.

SE home monitoring system

Roku SE smart home monitoring system

The new Roku SE home monitoring system (developed in collaboration with Wyze Labs) is a security package that includes the following:

  • Two input sensors: Get notified on your phone when a door or window is open, closed or left open.
  • Motion Sensor: Receive notifications or automatically turn on the light when motion is detected.

Tip: You can program the system to ignore pets using the adjustable setting.

Roku smart home motion sensor
Roku smart home door sensor
  • Hub with built-in siren: Notify the home — and neighborhood — if an emergency is detected.
Roku Smart Home Center
  • Keyboard: Easily arm or disarm your home, change modes or manually set an alarm. Home, Away, and Off modes, as well as customizable monitoring, are provided using the system keyboard or the Roku Smart Home mobile app.
Roku smart home keyboard

Tip: Users can use self-hosted home monitoring or subscribe to professional 24/7 monitoring.

Users can configure settings to be notified when sensors detect a door is open or closed or an alarm is triggered, as well as arm or disarm the system from home using the system keypad or on the go using the Roku Mobile Smart Home app.

Roku smart home app

Tip: The system is expandable with additional input sensors, motion sensors and keypads.

Roku Home Monitoring System SE provides instructional videos and clear illustrations for easy setup without any tools.

SE home monitoring system priced at $99.

Professional monitoring is available for $9.99/month or $99.99/year. Subscribers who choose annual billing receive a 50% discount for the first year.

From Mark Robins, VP of Roku Smart Home: “The new Roku Home Monitoring System provides peace of mind by being easier than ever to set up, manage and monitor… We are proud to expand the Roku Smart Home line with affordable and exciting ways to secure any home.

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Smart Light Strip+ SE and Roku Solar Panel

Roku+ SE Smart Light Strip

In addition to the monitoring system, Roku also offers a new Smart Light Strip+ SE and a solar panel.

The light bar allows users to display up to 16 different colors at once, while the solar panel can be used to power the previously available Roku Outdoor Camera SE wireless camera.

Solar Panel of the Year

Tip: The Roku Solar Panel will be available later this month (May 2023).

Better integration with Roku OS

Roku Smart Home customers who also use a Roku player or TV running the Roku OS (Streaming Sticks, Roku TVs, Roku Smart Soundbars) will be able to access the following new features once the latest version of the Roku TV OS rolls out automatically in the coming weeks. :

  • Home monitoring on TV: View TV notifications and alarm countdown when your Roku SE home monitoring system is turned on and the sensor is triggered.
  • Access to camera event history: Experience seamless integration between a connected camera and a smart doorbell with the Roku Cameras app, which automatically uploads footage to your Roku player or TV running Roku OS. You can view live camera footage, or click Events to view previous footage history filtered by preferences on your TV.
  • Smart home voice control: Control Roku Smart Home devices with your voice by speaking into a compatible Roku remote or the Roku mobile app. Compatible devices include Roku lights and smart plugs, live camera feeds on a Roku-enabled TV, and more. Roku Voice integration now lets you turn the Roku light on and off, and change its brightness and color hands-free.
Roku Smart Home TV


The new products described above are available online at now and exclusively at and Walmart stores starting May 15, 2023.

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