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Do you know the most dangerous trojan in the world? If you don’t know him, you are about to put a face to him, because indeed, Rogue It is currently the most dangerous Trojan on the planet. For this reason, it is worth stopping and seeing what it is, how it attacks, how to protect yourself, and how to eliminate it. We see it!

What is Rogue?

The cybersecurity company Check Point Research has reported a new mobile remote access trojan that attacks smartphones and takes control. He is known as Rogue, but he is a MRAT that reaches the smartphone after downloading an app infected with this Trojan.

In addition, it masquerades as another mobile device service, which means that the user ends up giving it access to take control of the device. The curious thing is that it acts in silence, in the background, without anyone noticing what it is doing from behind. Hence its dangerousness.

The way Rogue works is curious, because, as we told you, it works in silence. In other words, it gets into our device through an app, and after a while, it asks for permissions, so if you see something like this happen to you, you could be facing this Trojan. Keep in mind that among the permissions that it asks for are the camera, the microphone, the location, the contacts, the messages, etc.In other words, the private and confidential information of each user

Can the permissions be removed? If you try to revoke them, you will see that a message appears on the screen that says, ¬ĽAre you sure you want to erase all the data on your phone? They do it like this to scare the user, but it’s just a trick; you can remove the permissions that will not delete the information from the mobile. However, for users who are unaware of this information, it can be cause for concern.

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What is a MRAT?

We refer to this rogue Trojan as an MRAT. But what does it mean? Although these acronyms may sound somewhat unfamiliar to you, the truth is that they represent a major malware threat that emerged in 2014 and was deployed in an attack that was targeting protesters in Hong Kong.

Of course, it is also known as RMS Rat, a high-risk virus that sneaks into a user’s system silently and gives remote access to cybercriminals so they can break into the victim’s device. Just like Rogue acts, he acts in the background without anyone knowing what he’s doing from behind.

What devices does the Rogue Trojan affect?

It is important to talk about Rogue because right now it is a threat to users who use a mobile phone, which is practically the majority of the population. However, it is important to mention that it mainly affects Android phones. In other words, those who have this operating system are exposed to downloading an app infected with this Trojan and installing it hidden on their device. iPhone users are safe.

How to remove Rogue?

There are several ways to remove a Trojan on Android. One of the most popular is to follow these steps:

  1. Enter safe mode on your Android mobile.
  2. Find the malicious app or service you want to remove.
  3. Uninstall it
  4. Remove administrator access.
  5. Reboot

If it is not enough, it would be necessary to carry out a hard reset. It’s like a factory data reset, but more powerful.

Note that for this type of Trojan, it might be enough to remove all permissions granted to the service, despite the false message that it shows on the screen (which does nothing). In any case, if it is not enough, you can take the other routes, and they would be valid for other malware and Trojans.

Important: Before proceeding to remove the Trojan, it is important to make a backup of the files that you do not want to lose to keep everything safe.

How to protect yourself from a Trojan like Rogue?

With information: If you read the article to the end, you will know how Rogue works, since it always does it the same way.

To catch the rogue Trojan, an Android user downloads an app that is infected by this Trojan and automatically sneaks into their mobile device and asks for permissions. Therefore, it is important:

  • Avoid downloading or installing apps from unknown sources or from outside the Google Play Store, as they may contain this Trojan.
  • If, after installing an app, you get a service asking for permissions, don’t give them. Check if it is trustworthy.

Following these instructions, you will not have to worry about Rogue. Remember to inform your loved ones by sharing this article!

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