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Ransomware Attack

92% of ransomware victims do not recover their data – We have already told you about the types of attacks ransomware has made on more than one occasion. One of the latest was the ransomware attack on QNAP, while the other was about the cryptolocker type of ransomware. It is clear that we are facing the day-to-day lives of many companies, and it is essential to invest in ransomware solutions to shield our backs.

How do I do it? If we take into account that 92 out of 100 people attacked with ransomware lose their data, you need to protect yourself so that you are not one of those affected. Let’s see how.

Almost everyone affected by ransomware loses their data

A Sophos study published by Forbes revealed that 92% of organizations that are victims of a ransomware attack do not manage to recover all their data. The worst thing is not even paying. That is, within this result are companies that, even after paying the attacker, were not able to recover all their data and therefore normality. Therefore, we are facing a very dangerous and harmful event for the integrity of companies.

We start with the fact that we are facing a truly high number and that it is due to many reasons. First of all, you need to clear up all your doubts about this type of attack. And it is that ransomware refers to the kidnapping of data. That is to say, the hacker kidnaps the company’s data and asks for a financial ransom in exchange for returning it. Of course, in many cases, it ends in blackmail, and even after paying, they do not return their data.

But be careful, because this type of attack is not only suffered by companies but by anyone. Let’s say the attacker tends to look for potential profiles. That is to say, people or companies that are willing to pay in exchange for recovering their data. Of course, as we told you, what is truly worrying is that a good part of these people lack a ransomware solution because they lose their data.

First lesson: Paying does not mean recovering the data

There are professionals who do not invest in a ransomware solution precisely for this reason, because it is an attack in which the hacker hijacks the data and demands a ransom in exchange. Therefore, if we pay, they should return the data to us. But unfortunately, that is not so. Although it can be believed that yes, once attacked, nobody guarantees that by paying what they ask, you will recover the data.

Therefore, companies do wrong if they do not guard their backs, because they cannot trust that the attacker will keep his word. I may ask for more money or say that they have erased all the data and have no way of recovering it to give it to you. So, in the end, you lose twice, because not even by paying can you recover all that data that was stolen, with its fatal consequences.

So what is the ransomware solution? What should we do in these cases? Is there a real solution?

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Ransomware solution

Anti virus

There are antivirus programs that can detect and remove ransomware. Of course, this does not mean that you are going to recover the data. You may only recover a part of them, because what it does is eliminate the infection and return to normality. Therefore, the ideal is to always protect the data and have this type of active tool to reduce the probability that these attacks do us damage and not have to pay.


In Cloud Copy, we make available to users and companies the services of online backup and backup SaaS. Why is it important to make a regular backup as a ransomware solution? Because in this way, you will have all your data safe. If the attacker asks you for money in exchange for them, you won’t even have to bother; you simply remove the infection with the antivirus and then restore your data from the backup.

To better protect yourself, you can even follow the 3-2-1 backup philosophy. There are basically three backup copies that store the files in different locations and protect them from third parties or even from ourselves in case we delete something by mistake.

Therefore, with all this, you will have what you need to protect yourself from a possible ransomware attack. There are those who believe that it will not touch him, but each time they are more the order of the day and precisely because companies paystill without recovering your data.

Our advice is not to wait for the ransomware to pay and get nothing in return. Invest in backup copies now to keep important information safe and not put your business on the ropes, avoiding data leaks that could have fatal consequences for your company. This is how you can be calm, knowing that these attacks will not make you lose data.

Do you have any doubt left? Ask us so we can help you.

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