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PMC prodigy1 and prodigy5 Loudspeakers Bring the Studio Home

PMC announced child prodigy1 stand and child prodigy5 floorstanders, each using the same 1-inch (27 mm) soft-dome tweeter and 5.25-inch (130 mm) long-throw natural fiber woofer. While both use Advanced Transmission Line technology, their body shape and size allow for differences that allow the larger model to produce more bass.

The Prodigy models are the result of 30+ years of research, development, measurement and listening that have gone into creating speakers that are as close as possible to what is being played and recorded.

“The Prodigy traces its lineage to PMC’s flagship QB1 studio monitors,” says Oliver Thomas, Commercial Director and Head of Design. “Not only are there stylistic similarities, but many of the technologies that were developed for the QB1, such as the Laminair, have been turned into geeks so users can really ‘bring the studio home’ when using these new models.”

child prodigy1

PMC prodigy1 Loudspeaker for rack mounting

The prodigy1 is a compact floorstanding speaker ideal for small to medium sized spaces, delivering the rich, dynamic and full sound you’ve come to expect from PMC. Both drives are professionally tested, and the bass unit is featured in the PMC ci series, which has become the benchmark for Dolby Atmos music mixing around the world. The soft dome tweeter is an evolution of the PMC result6 studio monitors, giving the Prodigy1 an authentic studio heritage and reinforcing PMC’s studio-to-home philosophy.

child prodigy5

PMC prodigy5 floor standing loudspeaker

The prodigy5 is a floorstanding speaker compact enough to take up no more space than a bookshelf speaker on stands and deliver sound that can fill any room. As with the Prodigy1, its performance is typical of PMC studio monitors and has the familiar traits of a wide dispersion high frequency response, a very wide sweet spot and exceptional detail.

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Common features

Both models have Advanced transmission line (ATL™) bass loading is present in all PMC speakers. ATL uses the energy generated by the bass unit in the smartest and most efficient way to reproduce much deeper, tighter and more powerful bass than would be possible in a cabinet of this size, and it also creates crisper midrange frequencies by absorbing unwanted frequencies.

PMC prodigy1 and prodigy5 loudspeakers with and without grilles

The addition to ATL is laminaire. This aerodynamic vent at the end of the line controls the outlet air, greatly reducing drag, which improves efficiency and eliminates airflow noise. The result is a bass response with precise timing and excellent dynamic range.

The natural fiber long-throw woofer works hand in hand with the ATL as a unit. It features an inverted dust cap to reduce unwanted high frequency reflections, while the powerful voice coil and magnet assembly delivers unprecedented output levels for such compact speakers.

In accordance with PMC’s strict quality control procedures, actuators are measured and auditioned prior to assembly. Each finished speaker is measured and then auditioned along with the reference model, after which the assembler signs it before packaging.

“The new Prodigy series is one of the most significant product launches we’ve made, perhaps second only to the launch of feestria, which has taken our design work to its current limits and led to the incorporation of technology into these projects.”
Jeff Willcox, PMC CEO


child prodigy1 child prodigy5
MSRP £1250/pair £1995 for a couple
Type stand mount floor
frequency response 50 Hz – 25 kHz (-3 dB) 35 Hz – 25 kHz (-3 dB)
Sensitivity 87.5dB SPL 1W 1m 87.3dB SPL 1W 1m
Peak sound pressure: 123 dB SPL 124 dB SPL
Crossover frequency: 1.7 kHz 1.7 kHz
Drives: LF PMC 5.25”/133mm Long Throw LT™ Natural Fiber LF PMC 5.25”/133mm Long Throw LT™ Natural Fiber
HF PMC 27mm / 1″ soft dome HF PMC 27mm / 1″ soft dome
Effective Length ATL™: 6.3 feet
(1.91 m)
6.4 feet
(1.96 m)
Impedance: 6 ohm 6 ohm
Horizontal Orientation: 80 degrees 80 degrees
Vertical Orientation: 80 degrees 70 degrees
Input connectors: One pair of 4mm fasteners One pair of 4mm fasteners
Recommended amplifier power: 20 – 250 W 20 – 250 W
Dimensions: H 320mm 35.7″
W 162 mm 6.4 inches
D 237 mm 9.3″ (additional grid + 10 mm)
H 905mm 40″ (+20mm spikes)
W 165 mm 6.5 in. (233 mm including skirting boards)
D 237 mm 9.3″ (additional grid + 10 mm)
Weight: 9.9 pounds each.
(4.5 kg)
22 pounds each.
(10 kg)
Available finishes: Silk black Silk black
Options: wunderkind1 lattice grille prodigy5

Price and availability

The PMC prodigy series is available in Silk Black with black fabric grilles available as an option for £99.

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  • PMC prodigy1 – £1250 per pair
  • PMC prodigy5 – £1995 per pair

Available worldwide from July 2023. MSRP in the US is still being finalized, but could range from $1,600 to $2,500 per pair, depending on current exchange rates.

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