Plotter Printing: Everything you need to know

plotter printing

Plotter Printing: Everything you need to know – Generally, it is used for large industries, but a plotter printing It is a really useful element when your work is known. That is why we’re taking everything you need to know about this print element into our hands.

The impression It is one of the activities that has been practiced the most since humanity began to be born. The fact of plassea on paper or any other material—some idea, text, or even images—is something we see every day. That is why different elements have been created that can do this job flawlessly and efficiently.

Knowing all this, it is time to know what a printing plotter is for a company or even for the home. It might be your first time hearing about this item; however, now we will show you more about it. Do not stay in the dark and discover what this tool is about.

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What is a Plotter Printing ?

The plotted printing, it is also known as a plotter, or even a graph plotter, and is often used in companies. Your description could start by being listed as a printer that is large in format and has larger dimensions. With it, you usually print different jobs that are done in vector graphics or to make very precise cuts.

One of its main differences in relation to a printer that we find at home or in the office is the material it uses. The plotter does not use ink or toner; instead, it uses a pencil, pen, or any other drawing tool. In this way, continuous lines are generated, not dots, as usually happens in a normal printer.

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In its beginnings, this type of large-size printer It was used to print plans of different dimensions. However, technological advances were leading these designs to have varieties in the materials they used. That is why different inks can be used today, as well as paper, vinyl, or any other material.

What is it used for now?

When we meet a plotter printer Currently, the reality is that you can work for different purposes. As a larger-format printer, the things that can be achieved are varied. Also, this will not prevent you from continuing to maintain the result with high resolution and quality.

Among the main things that are done with these printers are the following:

  • Printing plans
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • High resolution photos
  • Personalized gifts, among others.

In this way, you can reach various places thanks to the work that they manage to carry out with this type of printer. One of its missions at present is to offer users the ability to create advertisements. It is enough that you generate your design, take it to these quality printers, and get the ad.

All these features and functions are totally different from those of a conventional desktop printer. Although the printing concept is the same, the way it works is totally different from other results. In addition to this, it adds its cut function, which is very effective and accurate for product processes. Which adds more professionalism.

Types of ink that a Plotter can have

Now that we know how it works, it’s time to learn about the different types of ink that work. So if you want to buy one of these printers, you must take these elements into account. Take note and learn about these types of ink used in a plotter.

UV type ink

This is one of the more resistant types of ink, and that allows the result to last longer under the sun’s rays. One of its characteristics is that, at the time of printing, it must be dried with ultraviolet light. This type of technology is new and is used in newer models for prints going outdoors.

The advertisements and the different posters that are used outdoors usually carry this type of ink. This ensures that its duration is longer under different climatic conditions.

Eco solvent type ink

They are usually the most used by those who have this type of printer, since their contribution is resistance and durability. One of its main characteristics is that it is eco-friendly and non-toxic, with an average durability of 3 years. They can be applied to any type of material, which contributes to saving costs.

Ink that is water based

Also known as dye ink, it is usually used in interiors and smaller works due to its low resistance. The elaboration of these inks starts with water, which also makes them a type that is not toxic. The materials on which they are usually used are cardboard and paper, ideal for posters that go into food.

What material can be used in a Plotter Printing?

Now that we know the types of ink that can be used in these printers, we must know the materials that can be used. It is important to highlight that these can be divided into two groups: those that are for exteriors and those for interiors. Although it will also depend on the type of machine you have for this type of work,

Materials for interior work

Within this group, materials that focus more on their finish and quality should be used. The durability does not matter much since they will not be subjected to different climatic changes or sun rays. Now we will mention some of the most common ones that are usually used in these printers.

  • Canvas
  • Proofing fogra
  • Photographic material
  • Signage and production
  • End art, among others

Materials for exterior works

In this case, you will pay attention to the durability of the material and its resistance to different adversities. These are constantly exposed to environmental and temperature changes. Now we will mention some of the most frequently used in this case.

  • Wool
  • Vinyl
  • Polypropylene
  • Photographic material
  • Backlit film, among others.

Tips to take into account before buying a Plotter

Now that you know a little more about what one of these printers can do, you surely wish you had one. That is why, in this section, we will dedicate ourselves to giving you some tips to keep in mind before making the purchase. In this way, you guarantee that you are making the correct choice between the different models that exist.

Take into account the installed software

Although many do not believe it, the software you have installed on the printer is very valuable for the work to be carried out. Some do not have the profiles for the color that are adequate to be able to produce a work of the best quality. If you have bad software, the result will not have the desired color tones.

Guarantees and maintenance

Please note that this type of printer usually has much more advanced development than a conventional printer. That is why you must take into account the guarantees that are given when buying and the type of maintenance that must be applied. It is important that they are in good condition at all times. for the result to be correct.

Always look at the resolution it offers

Clearly, resolution is one of the most important factors in the result of each printed job. That’s why you should look at the specifications. How much resolution does it offer? The Plotter: What do you want to buy? 720 dpi is usually an acceptable resolution for good-quality work, although 1440 is usually used for high-quality work.

Plotter printing It is a highly important element for creative and graphic design companies. Having one of these elements to work with can offer great advantages to those who need quality prints. On the other hand, choosing the right printer will also determine the final result you have in each of your jobs.

Work with a Printing Plotter for Great Results

Having plotter printing in your work will bring you great advantages, especially in the creative and advertising sectors. Remember each of the features we have mentioned, so you can choose one of the best on the market. After this, you can make prints of different sizes with the expected durability and high image quality.

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