Liquid Work: discover this new work trend

Liquid Work: discover this new work trend

The labor market and the needs of workers have changed greatly after the pandemic. A few years ago it was unthinkable to conceive of work as a space in which to develop, beyond mere economic remuneration. However, today’s society already has a different concept of employment. One in which changes do not represent an obstacle when it comes to adapting. This new conception shapes the concept of liquid work, which we will talk about in today’s article.

What is liquid work?

This new society capable of facing the continuous changes in the labor market is born from the concept collected by Zygmunt Bauman, Polish sociologist and philosopher who coined the term “liquid modernity”. However, the concept of liquid work does not have the characteristics of fragility and weakening of links that Bauman associated with his theory. Instead, it refers to the distinction between work models past and those available today.

Rigid positions and immovable conditions are already a reality from another era. The new labor relations have a plasticity that they lacked previously. The evolution of the technology and digitalization labor have fostered a new way of relatingfar from patterns typical of the industrial era such as hierarchy, fixed hours, job stability or exclusive relationship with a single company until retirement.

The aspects related to the remote workwhich provide more freedom, flexible schedules to be able to reconcile your professional and personal life, and labor mobility They are of great importance now for workers. Circumstances that take on special relevance when talking about the connection between personal and professional developmentwhich do not have to be distant terms.

Likewise, the companies have other expectations what to ask of your teams. Employers expect their workers to be able to adapt to market changes, without losing sight of the company’s goals.

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Colleagues practicing liquid work concept

What are the key characteristics of liquid work?

It is undeniable that, in an environment adapted to liquid work, systems implemented in the pandemic have been key to its accelerated development. What that shows adaptability that we mentioned previously. Teleworking modalities with their advantages and disadvantages, and advances in work technology helped the teams to carry out their functions with the same guarantees they had previously, but enhancing aspects of virtual collaboration little explored so far.

From this example we can discern the three bases on which it is based liquid work:

  • Flexible schedule
    The achievement of objectives and tasks has a completion time, that is common sense. However, results are not measured by being at the workplace from eight in the morning until the last colleague has left the office. Companies in which presence matters more than results are becoming obsolete. Flexible scheduling not only allows for effective conciliationbut also a greater appreciation for the company and its value system. Aspects that new generations increasingly evaluate to a greater extent when applying for a position.
  • Geographical mobility
    The most obvious benefits are savings in time and cost of displacement towards the workplace, but the benefits don’t stop there. Can choose where the activity takes place, It allows employees to have work autonomy that was little explored until before the pandemic.
  • Digitization
    Of course, without the evolution of technologies, liquid work would be unrealizable. Internet and the different software Collaborative solutions allow teams to carry out their work and, in addition, stay connected to each other, without having to be physically in a single place.
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