Learning a language: the purpose that can boost your professional career

Learning a language: the purpose that can boost your professional career

Maybe one of the purposes what you have marked this year is learn a language new. This task may seem overwhelming to you at first. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are aspects that, when approaching a language for the first time, are intimidating. However, this purpose can help you a lot not only in your personal development, but also in the professional development. You want to know why? We explain it to you in today’s article.

Why should I learn a new language?

Although it is possible that with your native language you can function well in your profession, the current world of work demands more and more linguistic skills. The domain of a second language majority, like English, can boost your candidacy and open doors within the national and international market.

Among the various benefits that you can obtain by working on your knowledge in a second language, one of the most important is access to job opportunities. In the sectors of sales, commerce, marketing and communications, mastery of a second language is essential. The Iinternationalization of different markets, and the need to deal with clients and collaborators from other countries are increasingly common aspects.

Besides, learn a new language It will also help you on a personal level. He cognitive development and the improvement of long term memory They are two very useful benefits when learning a new language.

Teacher helping her students learn a new language

Language learning methods

To address this purpose in the best possible way, there are different methods that will help you learn foreign languages ​​depending on your dedication time. Below, we propose the best methods so that your learning is as effective as possible. Although remember that the most important thing for become fluent in a language is, undoubtedly, the constancy. Therefore, it is important that you maintain your learning of regular way, and learn at your own pace without setting impossible temporary goals.

  • Method 15/30/15. With a dedication of an hour daily, this approach is becoming increasingly widespread among those who wish to approach learning a new language. This method divide daily study in different sessions. The ideal is that they dedicate themselves 15 minutes in the morning to review what was studied the previous day. The block of 30 minutes It will be done in the afternoon and will be aimed at acquiring new knowledge. The last of the day, of others 15 minutes, is focused on reviewing everything that has been learned in the afternoon study session. This approach helps retention and review of conceptstaking advantage of different times of the day to optimize learning.
  • Language courses. Of course, one of the most effective methods is to perform a structured course in which to learn from regulated teachers. Although this methodology may not suit your schedules or dedication that you were thinking of investing in at first, remember that there are different apps and teaching services with native teachers that you can hire by the hour. In this way, you can choose the tactic that best fits to your linguistic objectives.
  • Experience the culture. Although it is not a method per sehe enjoy cultural products It has proven to be one of the most effective tactics for learning a new language. He consumption of series, music and books accelerates learning and allows you to understand the expressions of the language studied.
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