Learn How to Clean the Camera Efficiently

For many clean the camera It is not an easy task because of how delicate it can be. It is important that certain steps are followed so that the process is really effective with results that are really worth it.

Keeping the devices we use always clean is something that we should not overlook at any time. In the case of cameras, this is an instrument that we usually use outdoors or take from one place to another. In this way, it gathers large amounts of dust that will later end up affecting the correct functioning of this element.

If you like learn to clean the camera the right way, we recommend you stay with us in this article. We will teach you some processes so that you can keep this equipment in top working order to make it more durable.

Why should the camera be cleaned?

The fact of clean the camera It says a lot about you and the way you take care of your equipment or the performance you have with it. Clean the lens, camera or any of its components It will ensure that the photos you take are in good condition. Many times there is no proper cleaning and we can see spots in the photos that should not be there.

As we already mentioned, the camera is usually an item that you take anywhere you work. They usually collect large amounts of dust if not it is carried in the correct case for each thing. Also, many would rather clean constantly than prevent dirt from continuing to be a problem.

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That is why having with you a cleaning case or the right elements to do so will be of great importance. so you can hassle-free cleaning of your camera when working anywhere. You also guarantee that there will be no stains on the lenses and that the photos will have the correct professionalism.

Items to use for cleaning

Just as there are cleaning equipment for computers, telephones or any other electronic equipment, clean the camera have theirs. That is why now we will show you a list with some of the most commonly used to clean. It should be noted that some may change and others may simply not be used, but it is better to be safe.

  • Soft brush or even a brush that has natural bristles
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Compressed air or a small vacuum
  • Alcohol that is exclusively used for articles within the world of electronics

With each of them you can have a proper cleaning that help keep the equipment in good condition. Remember that whenever you have electronic equipment in good condition shelf life tends to get longer. So knowing the costs of the cameras today, it is best that they are always well maintained.

Tips before starting the cleaning process

Learn how to clean the camera efficiently

We are already getting closer to what interests us, the way in which it should be clean your camera and remove dust. However, we will leave you a list with some tips to follow before starting the process so that you are prepared. So you can execute it correctly, take note and prepare before starting to clean all the elements of your camera.

  • The place where you are going to clean your camera must be a completely clean and dust-free place or we would not achieve anything.
  • It is important that you have a lot of light, this way you can see any corner of the camera to clean it.
  • It is recommended that latex gloves be worn when cleaning the lenses so that no finger marks are left behind.
  • Take your time to carry out this task, if you do it quickly you will surely miss something.
  • Remember to have all the cleaning elements that we mentioned in the previous section.

Following all these tips you will be ready to start the cleaning process to your professional camera. Once you complete the process you will be able to tell the difference in the way the lenses work and look. Your work will be much cleaner, you will have more useful life and you will give a good reference about your professionalism.

How to clean the camera on the outside?

Now is the time to start cleaning our camera, for this we must take into account the previous tips. It starts with usor brush or soft brush to go removing all the dust or dirt that may have. Remember reach every corner of the chamber well to leave it free of any dust residue.

If the camera has been in places where it may have salt, it is important that it be cleaned more carefully. In these cases you can use the cloth that we mentioned moistened with water, not wet, just damp. In this way, all traces of dirt can be removed efficiently and it remains the clean chamber to follow.

Nowadays, many cameras have a LCD screen that helps us to see better what we capture. These often get dirty with your fingers, so you must remove the fat that remains on it. You have to be very careful for this. do not use liquids with chemicals that may damage its operation.

Cleaning the camera sensor

Remove all fingerprints or oily stains

It’s time to clean up camera sensor which is one of the most delicate elements of the entire team. We will show you each of the steps that you must follow so that the process is executed correctly.

  • The first thing to do is turn off camera so that the vibration is only made directly to the sensor.
  • the lens of the camera It must be removed in order to see the translucent mirror inside. In this you can use an air blower to blow out all the dust that is on the translucent mirror, without touching it.
  • Now the mirror should move up, carefully press the lock lever and it will go up.
  • If you touch the translucent mirror there is a risk that it ends up dirty or even deformed. This is made with a translucent film that, when damaged, will end up affecting the performance or image of the camera.
  • With the frame down, blow with the air so that all the dust that is inside comes out. Everything that is in the sensor will come out of the interior so that it is totally clean.
  • Once the previous step is finished, it will be time to return the mirror to its manual position. Remember to do it very carefully until the click of its position sounds indicating that it is well installed.

Remove all fingerprints or oily stains

As we already mentioned, it is important to avoid touching the glass surfaces with your fingers, the glasses or the LCD screen. Do not use normal handkerchiefs or the clothes you are wearing to clean as the rough surfaces can end up scratching the glass.

Ideally, one of the elements mentioned above should be used, such as the microfiber cloth. Likewise, it is important that it is very clean and stored in a bag or cover so that it does not have dust. You can use a liquid that removes stains, it is important not to use tap water that can bring scratchy elements.

Let’s remember that the areas to be cleaned in the chamber They are, your body, the area where the batteries and memory cards go. In addition to the lenses, the areas where the sensors and the rest of the body are located in order to be completely ready. Once you do it completely you will be able to have the entire chamber clean so that you can work without problems.

Now that you know how clean the camera it’s time for you to apply it every time it’s necessary to do so. As we already mentioned, it is important that dust in the camera is prevented and not cleaned repeatedly. There is a risk when cleaning to scratch one of the lenses or end up damaging the camera sensor which is important.

Time to clean the camera and always keep it in good condition

Clearly, clean the camera It is a task that must be done with great care and not taken as another activity. In addition, what is recommended is that this be done rarely and that the equipment be taken care of so as not to be constantly dirty. It is necessary that the appropriate implements are used so as not to end up with the opposite effect on the camera.

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