la Caixa Foundation offers 100 postgraduate scholarships abroad for 2024

la Caixa Foundation offers 100 postgraduate scholarships abroad for 2024

The La Caixa Foundation has called 100 postgraduate scholarships to pursue master’s, doctoral or predoctoral projects in universities or higher research centers in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), North America or Asia-Pacific. If you are Spanish or Portuguese and, after finishing your university degree, you want continue your studies abroadwe will tell you what this call consists of and how to access it.

What do the la Caixa Foundation postgraduate scholarships offer?

The La Caixa Foundation has opened its call scholarships to carry out postgraduate studies (master’s, doctorate or predoctoral research) abroad. This is aid for students from Spain and Portugal.

Although the objective is postgraduate studies, scientific and technical predoctoral research stays are also covered. In any case, The maximum duration will be 24 months.

Students who obtain one of the scholarships will be able to pursue postgraduate studies in any country within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), North America (United States and Canada) and Asia-Pacific region (Australia, South Korea, India, Japan, Singapore and China).

You will be able to choose studies in any area of ​​knowledgeexcept Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.

The call closes on January 31, 2024at 2 p.m. in mainland Spain.

Students celebrating after acquiring postgraduate scholarships

Which are the requirements?

To access the program scholarships from the La Caixa Foundation it is necessary to comply with the following requirements.

  • Own the Spanish or Portuguese nationality.
  • Have a advanced language proficiency in which the studies abroad will be carried out. You will be exempt from this requirement if you have already completed at least two years of postgraduate studies in the same language.
  • Be in possession of a bachelor’s degree awarded by a Spanish or Portuguese university, depending on the nationality of the candidate. These studies must have been completed between January 2015 and July 2024.
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Those candidates who have completed their degree studies at a foreign university are excluded from the call.

What does the scholarship cover?

If your application is accepted, the scholarship will cover the study registration that you have chosen, no quantity limit.

Additionally, you will receive some financial aid for postgraduate:

  • A monthly allowance of 400 euros that varies depending on the destination country you have chosen, plus a initial diet equivalent to one month for installation costs.
  • In concept of travel expenses, there are 500 euros for postgraduate scholarships in the EHEA countries. For the North America and Asia-Pacific area, the total is 500 euros.
  • Finally, 250 euros for administrative expenses and obtaining the title.

What will the selection process be like?

To apply for the postgraduate scholarship you must access the platform for La Caixa Foundation Scholarships and fill out the application (in English). Candidates will be evaluated according to these criteria:

  • Academic record and resume (50%).
  • Motivation and memory (30%).
  • Letters of recommendation (20%).

If you are selected in this phase, you will be called for a individual interviewwhich will be carried out before a multidisciplinary committee, which will take into account the following criteria:

  • Your potential as a candidate (40%). Here your soft skills will be valued.
  • Your motivation and memory (30%).
  • Your academic and professional career (30%).

Other scholarships offered by the La Caixa Foundation

In addition to this international postgraduate scholarship program, the La Caixa Foundation offers two other programs:

  • 30 scholarships for PhD INPhINIT – Incoming in research centers of excellence in Spain and Portugal. Admission of applications is open until January 24, 2024.
  • 30 scholarships from the “la Caixa” Foundation for doctorate INPhINIT – Retaining in research centers and universities in Spain and Portugal. Admission of applications is open until February 15, 2024.
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