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Infigo Audio’s Method 6 Power Amplifier Is Canadian Class A Cool?

There are many ways to eat Smarties and Infigo Audio believes it has developed a solution to a problem that is problematic for some Class A power amplifiers. Heat up. Too much.

If the Canadian manufacturer doesn’t ring the bell, there will be two of us; although we know its CEO, Hans Luhmann, who was a consultant for another Canadian brand, Resonessence Labs, for almost 10 years. The defunct manufacturer offered an excellent range of affordable DACs that were very popular (apparently not popular enough), and during his time there, Luhmann was in the process of introducing his amplifier technology under the Resonessence Labs label.

Fast forward to 2023 and Infigo Audio offers a range of power amps, audio cables and a rather expensive DAC.

Infigo Audio Method 6 Power Amplifier Top Open
Infigo Audio Method 6 Power Amplifier

New Method 6 Power Amplifier has been announced and offers a different take on Class A enhancements; we call it Canadian Cool for now.

Sharing many of the same features as its Method 3 monoblock amplifier, the new Method 6 (MSRP: $20,000) takes Infigo Audio’s “no tags” approach to product design. Like its predecessor, the Method 6 has a class A architecture, but with a unique low temperature design not typical of class A amplifiers.

“Class A is the standard for the most powerful and sweet-sounding amplifiers, but sometimes the electronics get hot enough to heat up a room,” says Hans Luhmann, CEO of Infigo Audio, Inc. “We were able to address this issue by developing Low Temperature Class A, which uses multiple smaller offset output devices instead of the more common practice of including fewer larger devices. By doing so, we spread the heat over a larger area without much concentration, which often results in the electronics becoming too hot to touch.”

Low temperature class A features elimination of crosstalk and ultra-fast transient response. Thanks to this development, the sound remains impressive, crisp and clear, and the amplifier remains cool to the touch. Over time, the lower operating temperature of the Low Temperature Class A increases the life of the amplifier.

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The highlight of Infigo Audio’s amplifiers is the company’s DCBA system. DCBA, or DC bias adjustment, balances the DC output level without clipping the low-frequency output. The bass response is tight, powerful, with the elimination of phase distortion at low frequencies due to the removal of capacitors in the audio path. The low frequency range extends down to 0 Hz with a separate protection circuit that turns off the speakers when the DC level in the input signal gets too high.

Infigo Audio Method 6 Power Amplifier

Aesthetically, the Method 6 fits comfortably into any high-end audio system, but especially when paired with Infigo Audio components. It’s available in silver and black, and like all Infigo electronics, the hard top is removable, allowing you to see the internal circuitry protected by a clear cover.

Power rated at 2 x 100W at 8 ohms, 0Hz – 200kHz bandwidth (-3dB), 26dB gain, 2V sensitivity for maximum power, and voltage rated at selectable 120VAC / 240VAC , 50/60 Hz.

Mr. Luman adds: “Every product bearing the Infigo Audio logo is what I call ‘GREAT’ – a combination of features, benefits and benefits. Like our other electronics, Method 6 plays a clear and specific role in what we set out to create as a compact and focused product selection.”

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