How to prepare for a job interview using Artificial Intelligence

How to prepare for a job interview using Artificial Intelligence

The AI help in job search does not end with creating powerful CVs, but it goes much further. You can too prepare your job interview using Artificial Intelligenceusing AI tools to present your best professional profile and be the person selected by the company.

When we talk about AI tools to prepare for interviews We can be talking about different types of them:

  • Interview simulators.
  • Text generation tools such as ChatGPT, to help us obtain information about the company, target position or questions to answer.
  • Tools used by companies that use AI to interview us, such as those for creating chatbots and similar.

Be that as it may, in this article I review how to use AI tools to present yourself as the ideal candidate in your selection processes.

What does using Artificial Intelligence contribute to prepare for a job interview?

A few things AI can help you with in preparing for your interviews.

  • There are already interview simulators that use AI and that even prepare you according to your professional profile. They ask you questions and analyze your answers in terms of keywords used, weaknesses, tone of voice, etc. The most important of the above is Google Interview Warmup.
  • AI allows you to obtain information about the company you are interviewing with. Ask ChatGPT what skills that company values, for example, and you can find out.
  • It allows you to extract the keywords or skills required in a job offer if you present it to tools like ChatGPT.
  • You can also ask ChatGPT to act as an interviewer and ask you questions, then help you analyze your answers. Use a prompt like: “act as the interviewer for company

How to prepare for a job interview using AI

We are referring, specifically, to the fact that you want to make use of certain AI tools as support or help to prepare for interviews that you have. Here we can talk as we said about:

  • Use of interview simulatorslike Google Interview Warmup or even Interview AI.
  • Using text generation tools like ChatGPT to help you know more about the companygive you ideas on how to answer some questions or to act as an interviewer.
  • Other types of specific interview preparation tools, or that help work on interviews with chatbots or similar. In HR, what is called automated video interviews (AVI) is also being used, which is also called pre-recorded or asynchronous interviews, sometimes a bot is the one that asks some predefined questions and gives you Give time to respond. These are AI-based interviews that allow you to analyze responses and match the offer practically instantly, since the recordings of your responses are analyzed almost instantly. For you as a candidate, it is about being as specific as possible, and for that you cannot forget to use key words in your speech.
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I think you already imagine it, but to know what keywords to use in your interviewsyou can use tools like ChatGPT:

  • Ask what keywords the offer you are applying for contains.
  • Ask them to tell you what skills that company requires and how to specify them with keywords.
  • Ask him to tell you common keywords in job offers in your professional profile.
  • Even use an interview simulator like Google to reinforce this part and evaluate whether you are really using those words or not.

I put all this as an example of how to prepare your job interview using Artificial Intelligence. It is nothing more than select the right AI toolsstate what you specifically want to prepare, and try to make the questions you ask these tools as specific as possible.

Candidate preparing a job interview with ChatGPT

How to prepare for a job interview with ChatGPT

In addition to what we have already seen, ChatGPT can be used with a broader perspective when we talk about preparing for job interviews.

For example:

  • Ask ChatGPT what the company wants, first giving it the description of the job offer. Write something like this in the prompt: “What does the company look for when interviewing candidates for the position of X in sector Y?” You can use this information a lot in your presentation at the interview and later when they ask you to highlight some things about yourself.
  • Ask ChatGPT what technical or soft or personal skills they ask for in this position. This question would be a derivative of the previous one.
  • Ask ChatGPT what the most frequently asked interview questions are, even for a specific company. And you ask them as is, following the previous example.
  • Ask ChatGPT how to answer those questions, even in a more personalized way and not as much as everyone would answer them. Something like this: “Write an answer to question X and relate the answer to my experience. This is my CV/experience (and you copy it).”
  • Ask ChatGPT to regenerate its responses to refine it a little more and to use more technical language or even more related to the job offer you are presenting.
  • Ask ChatGPT to come up with relevant questions to ask the company at the end of the interview that are interesting for that job description.
  • Ask ChatGPT for a thank you email text to send to the interviewer.

It is clear that the AI contributes a lot to the job search, knowing how to use it. Remember plan well Before you get into it: what do you want to get. AND specify your questions as much as possible, so that your answers are truly useful.

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