How to optimize the key sections of your CV in English

How to optimize the key sections of your CV in English

Having your resume in English will always be a plus for your candidacy. Maybe you are not looking for work in an Anglo-Saxon country, your opportunity may simply arise in a foreign company that is based in this country. In any case, an effective job search requires a phase of resume writing to fine-tune your profile in a second language, English.

Keys to start your resume in English

Give a english CV format to your resume is simpler than it seems. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that, in the Anglo-Saxon work culture, it is not so common to post a photo. Nor data that is considered too personal, such as date of birth or marital status.

Another practical issue is put only one last name, especially if recruiters do not expect to find many candidates from Spanish-speaking countries (because the selection process is in their country and not in this one, for example). If you enter two last names, you risk having the first one considered your middle name.

Add the personal information. That is to say, name and surname, address, telephone and e-mail. And don’t forget the cover letter in englishis as essential as when you present your candidacy in Spanish.

There is a section that is now also gaining importance in CVs in Spanish, but that a few years ago few people added. Its about Objective career. It usually specifies job expectations in a very specific way. For example, “looking to secure a challenging new role where skills, knowledge and previous experience can be applied”. Or also something much more specific like “looking for a rewarding new position within retail management, where skills, knowledge and expertise gained throughout experience to date can be applied and further professional development achieved.”

Completed resume in English

Professional experience or Career summary

Also known as Professional experience. In this section you will have to talk about your professional experience. It is preferable to do it in reverse order, starting with the last experience you had. Keep in mind that the dates in English They have another order: year/month. It is recommended not to abuse the pronoun “I” and directly describe the position. For example, if you taught tap dancing classes you can put: Teaching of both adults and children.

How to add training or educational qualifications

You can also call this section simply Education.

Education refers to regulated training of a general nature. It can be said General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) as the level corresponding to ESO, or the General Certificate of Education (GCE), which would correspond to our baccalaureate. The training cycles can be translated as Vocational Education and Training (VET).

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The word Qualifications refers to the qualifications achieved. The diploma is your Bachelor’s Degree (B). A postgraduate degree is a Graduate Certificate (PGCert), and a PhD, a PhD (PhD).

Skills and others Personal details

Your are important Language skillswhere you specify your native language (mother tongue either native) and the level of other languages, especially English. It is also essential to point out your IT skills or computer knowledge or digital skills that you consider appropriate to point out. Furthermore there are the Skills Without further ado, they refer to the capabilities that you have acquired in your career, such as communication skills, leadership either workload management, For example.

Other small sections that can complete your CV in English are interests (Interests), where your volunteer experience will always be valued (volunteer). OR Otherssuch as a driver’s license or driving license. You should also include References available on request to add contacts from previous jobs who can speak well of your work. It is something very common in Anglo-Saxon resumes.

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