How to manage networking for women

How to manage networking for women

As you have probably heard on countless occasions, the networking is the most effective way to make professional contacts durable and quality. This practice becomes especially important among different groups, as an effective way to unite points of view and share experiences. There are various strategies that can help you manage networking as a woman. This way, you can create a professional network in which to promote female leadership and connections with other professionals.

Are you ready to create your professional network? Then read on.

Networking as a woman, what should you keep in mind?

Although there are discrepancies regarding the origin of the term (granting it to Dr. Marcela Lagarde or Miguel de Unamuno interchangeably), the sorority It is a reality that gives voice to female empowerment movement between women. In work environments, this term becomes even more relevant, since women have been systematically undervalued in corporate environments for decades. That’s why working networking Being a woman takes on special relevance for create synergies and share experiences enriching.

In the latest study of the main statistical indicators of equality carried out by the Ministry of Equality By February 2023, Spain obtains a score of 74.6% out of 100 with respect to the European Gender Equality Index. Although the result is presented as a progress towards equalityit must be remembered that the maximum score of 100 points refers to “absolute parity”so there is still an arduous task to carry out in terms of gender equality in the work environment.

In order to work to overcome the imposed limitations, the join professional groups networking for women can help focus on female talent in all its dimensions.

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Group of entrepreneurs enjoying networking as a woman

Mentoring, workshops and professional initiatives, how to manage them?

The professional connections with other professionals in the sector They can be done depending on different factors. The sector, the level of responsibility or the economic focus can be determining factors when choosing a strategy. Improving your network of contacts is a task that you can tackle from different approaches.

There are different initiatives focused on the needs of professionals who can be useful in your career path. Associations like the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) can help you foster aspects of entrepreneurship and leadership through different programs adapted to your needs. In it STEM sector​​​ (or STEM in English), you also have platforms such as STEM talent girl which aims to inspire the younger generations on their academic path.

At the level of female mentoring and entrepreneurshipyou also have at your disposal initiatives such as “Mujeres con S” carried out by Banco Santander, which offers programs with professionals from various sectors.

Depending on your sector and location, they exist in the same way different associations for professional women that can guide you on your professional path, such as the Spanish Federation of Women Managers, Executives, Professionals and Businesswomen, the Women Foundation, the community of Spanish-speaking professionals and entrepreneurs Womenalia or also Digitized, an initiative aimed at facilitating ICT training for women in rural environments.

Depending on your unique needs, you can choose the one that best suits you and work forming a network of talented professionals to help you on your professional path.

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