How to create the best Delivery Driver resume, step by step guide

How to create the best Delivery Driver resume, step by step guide

In a world where electronic commerce and the speed of delivery of goods is increasingly important, work as a delivery man offers good options. But standing out as a candidate requires more than having a bicycle or a vehicle. In this step-by-step guide, we will explore how to create the best Delivery Driver resumegiving you the tools and advice necessary to get a job in this profession.

General Delivery Driver Resume Tips

He development of online commerce In recent years, together with the changes in purchasing habits that have come with it, they have made this profession one of the most in demand in our country.

There are many sectors in which delivery people are needed: fast food chains, clothing or furniture stores, courier services… the list is very long. And depending on each area and the nature of the products to be distributed, specific technical skills are required.

Therefore, the first advice is that study the offer and the company well to which you are going to send the delivery driver resume. Recruiters highly value this, as they usually have little time to dedicate to each resume, and are primarily looking for keywords that fit the professional profile of delivery person that has been published. Keep this in mind because, although it is more comfortable and faster to make a single version of your CV, and always submit that one, that will greatly reduce your chances of being selected.

Take your time to prepare your resume and make sure it has a professional look. Use easily readable fonts. And try not to let the resume be too long: one page or, at most, two. If necessary, do not hesitate to hire the services of a professional.

In principle, the basic structure of a resume for Delivery Drivers It is the same as any other: Heading, Professional Summary, Work Experience, Training and Skills. The key is to create a CV that highlights your skills, experience and commitment to customer service.

Delivery Driver Resume Header

This is the section that the recruiter will see first, and in some way it will serve as your introduction. The normal thing is that it occupies the top strip or the side of the resume. The data you must include here are:

  • Name and surname.
  • Number or numbers of phone.
  • Email.
  • A recent photo that is as professional as possible.
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Professional resume

In a few lines, summarize your professional profile. Here you must mention How many years of experience do you have in the sector? of the cast and what are your work objectives and personal.

Highlight your qualities and strengths and be as clear as possible. Think of this paragraph as a marketing action, because you are literally “selling” your application to the recruiter.

Delivery experience

In this section of the resume you must place, for reverse order, the positions you have held as a delivery person, placing the most recent ones at the top.

If you have extensive experience in the sector, the prior research you have done before will be useful here. For example, if you apply for a job as a delivery truck driver, your experience as a Rider will be of little use. Select those positions that demonstrate to your recruiter that you are fully prepared to occupy the position offered.

Whenever possible, point out the achievements and recognitions that you obtained in previous companies.

Delivery girl making a job delivery to optimize your delivery driver resume


Remember that it is about adapting the delivery driver resume what you are doing for each specific position you apply for. Don’t try to inflate it by placing every little course you’ve done. Only training related to delivery work.


As seen above, being a delivery person is a job that can vary greatly depending on the company and the economic sector. Here it will be more important than ever knowledge you have acquired about your future employers and with careful reading of the offer.

Normally, the skills required are specified there, and in this section It should be clear that you have them. As in any other profession, being a delivery person requires technical skills and soft skills (the famous “soft skills”).

Between the technical skills that will be valued about you are:

  • Vehicle driving. Here you will have an advantage if you are capable of driving a varied range.
  • Basic mechanicsso you can take care of small repairs on the go, which won’t delay your delivery.
  • Software management delivery management.
  • Of course, use of GPS.

The soft skills most required are:

  • Puntuality.
  • Seriousness.
  • Customer service capacity.
  • Knowledge of the delivery area.
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