hifiman svanar true wireless earbuds with case

HiFiMAN Introduces SVANAR True Wireless ANC Earbuds for Audiophiles

HIFIMAN announced today SWANAR Wireless ($499), New True Wireless® Reference Headphones for Audiophiles. It features a 10mm dynamic driver, built-in amplifier, and a dedicated Hymalaya ladder-diagram DAC for sounds normally associated with wired models.

The full-fledged high-performance Bluetooth 5.2 earphone is equipped with a special version of HIFIMAN Hymalaya’s multi-bit DAC/AMP relay module, which claims sonic improvements over the standard wireless receiver’s built-in 1-bit DAC. When combined with the Headphone Amplifier Module, SVANAR Wireless also claims high-resolution audio, detailed and full range, reflecting the ultimate in recording or live broadcast quality, especially when listening to high resolution LDAC, AAC and SBC files.

HIFIMAN SVANAR True Wireless Earbud Angle

In addition to the Hymalaya DAC, SVANAR Wireless is equipped with HIFIMAN Electronics topological diaphragm: the diaphragm of each earphone, which converts mechanical vibrations into sound, is coated Nanoparticle coating this contributes to significantly more sonic detail than is typically associated with True Wireless headphones.

SVANAR Wireless is designed to be used on the road thanks to two noise reduction technologies − Deep ANC Noise Reduction And ENC Deep voice suppression. ANC accurately detects and eliminates noise down to -35 dB. And to keep voice calls crisp and clear, ENC relies on artificial intelligence that mimics the human auditory system, extracting the human voice and filtering out background noise.

HIFIMAN SVANAR true wireless earbuds with open case

The frequency range of SVANAR Wireless is from 10 Hz to 35 kHz. The output power of the built-in amplifier is 45 mW. Average battery life 4 to 7 hours, depending on usage. The earphones, each weighing 8g, can be charged three times before needing to charge the case. In addition, SVANAR Wireless IPX5 rating for resistance to sweat and dirt for several hours of continuous operation.

“SVANAR Wireless is a great example of what can be achieved with the right combination of audio technology and industrial design,” said Dr. Fang Bian, Founder and CEO of HIFIMAN Electronics. “But in the end it all comes down to exceptional sound quality, especially when playing high-resolution audio. There is nothing like it.”

HIFIMAN SWANAR True Wireless Headphones

The HiFiMAN SVANAR True Wireless headphones will go on sale in June 2023. $499 on Amazon and in the HIFIMAN online store.

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First Impressions

Editor-in-Chief Ian White attended today’s HiFiMAN press conference and was one of the first journalists to test SVANAR Wireless. He reports that they are not as small as they appear in the photographs. The charging case is pretty unique, but not something that fits easily into a pocket. Ear tips of different sizes are supported. Finally, ANC adds a bit of bass boost as opposed to its much flatter frequency response with ANC off.

Please be aware that 2 months prior to delivery, HIFIMAN may adjust the final setting based on early feedback.

HIFIMAN SVANAR true wireless earphones in a case in hand

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