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Podcast: Get Blown Away by JBL Sound Again, Interview with Jim Garrett

JBL is one of the oldest brands in audio reproduction. The company, which bears the initials of James B. Lansing, was an innovator in early movie theater sound systems when the company was founded in 1946. By the 60s, JBLs were the speakers of choice in recording studios and rock concerts, most notably at Woodstock in 1969. and the monstrous “Wall of Sound” by the Grateful Dead.

Harman International’s acquisition of JBL in 1969 helped expand the brand’s growth into the consumer business with the release of the JBL L100, a studio monitor that professionals loved so much they wanted to take it home. Its unique waffle grille set it apart from the competition, and its use in Maxell’s “Blown Away” tape ads cemented its iconic appeal.

Today, JBL continues to manufacture award-winning products for theaters, concert venues, recording studios and automobiles, as well as a range of consumer audio products from low-cost Bluetooth headphones and speakers to high-end hi-fi systems and home theater systems.

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In this episode, eCoustics Founder Brian Mitchell meets Jim Garrett, Head of Product Strategy and Planning at Harman Luxury Audio Group, which includes five active brands – JBL, JBL Synthesis, Arcam, Mark Levinson and Revel. The discussion centers around the luxury side of JBL’s business, which includes a modernized re-launch of classic JBL products, including the L100.

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