5 Good Cybersecurity Practices for Companies

Cybersecurity Practices

5 Good Cybersecurity Practices for Companies – The cybersecurity, it is increasingly present in companies. The moment businesses set foot on the Internet, they can somehow see their data compromised. That is why it becomes essential to invest not only in tools that protect us but also to know good practices in cybersecurity to make it as good as possible. Which are? See you below!

Cybersecurity for Companies: Its Importance and Good Practices to Follow

The fact that companies know good cybersecurity tools is key in these times. Of course, the more information we have, the better decisions we make. But what leads us to make the best decisions regarding cybersecurity? Knowledge.

What company would be happy to see their data compromised? Who would like to see sensitive customer data stolen and exposed? These issues concern more and more businesses, and now you can stay one step ahead. For this to be the case, it must raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and invest in these practices with your eyes closed and from the first moment:

Start with these 5 good practices in cybersecurity for companies:

1. Safety Culture in the Company

For a company to start with a good foundation in cybersecurity, you need to talk about your existence and give knowledge to your workers. In other words, they must work in an environment in which they are aware of the risks and good practices are followed to avoid falling into a trap and data theft.

Therefore, talking about cybersecurity and its importance to workers is key for all companies connected to the Internet. It is something that you must transmit to them at the time of contracting and on a day-to-day basis, mentioning it more times than less. Do it!

2. Train the Workers

The second good practice to follow goes through to the employees. The more information they have on cybersecurity, the better, since this will allow them to know how to best manage a possible vulnerable situation.

Therefore, employees must be trained so they know how to respond to a possible cyber threat. Giving talks, hanging posters, or sending emails warning of new dangers can be helpful to the company.

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3. Establish a Strong Password Policy

The passwords we use are very important. Workers must use passwords that follow the recommendations of the company and that are very complex, long, and mix characters. Never use a small password with only lowercase letters or numbers.

It is necessary to make it varied and difficult so that it is practically impossible to remove.

This password can be set by the company itself, and the employee can access it. However, in the case of creating it himself, it must be varied with uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and at least 8–10 characters.

But this is not all, because it is also important that the passwords are changed periodically to make sure we are well protected. It is not recommended to take more than 6 months with it.

4. Have a Good Antivirus

The fourth recommendation that we give you in terms of cybersecurity for companies is the choice of a good antivirus. It is a key tool that cannot be missing from any of the company and employee computers, so that they are shielded against possible threats.

There is business antivirus with licenses for large corporations. But above all, it is important not to spare any expense on this because we need to protect the equipment so that none of it comes upside down.

5. Backups

Malware can turn everything upside down. If an employee’s computer is infected, they could lose everything, including important company documentation, making it impossible to recover. What should we do in these cases? Prevention.

At Sabda Tech, we are experts in backup copies, and we have backup software to protect the information stored on the computers. You always have the chance to rescue her. Think that if you do not invest in this type of solution and an employee’s computer is hijacked and their data is stolen, they will have lost everything. Even years of work.

Employees may be unaware of these types of solutions, but it is important that the company backs up their information and that nothing is left to chance. Something that can be done with the online backup system in the cloud

Some Practices that you Can Start Applying Now

By following these 5 good practices in cybersecurity for companies, you can be much calmer knowing that you are doing it right. If you have any questions about the backup service, we will give you a hand. Talk later? Follow these recommendations and avoid scares.

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