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Goldring E4 Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge Unveiled: High-End Munich 2023

The vinyl renaissance had a beneficial effect on cartridge manufacturers; Golden ring succeeded over the last decade because it focused on high quality solutions that were actually affordable. Range of moving magnet and moving coil cartridges including Heroic HX and award-winning E3 are excellent performers and legitimate competitors to everything Sumiko or Ortofon offer in their respective categories. I have successfully used E3 on OVER C588 And Toren TD-160 Super turntables, and I’m very happy with the new Gold ring E4 which will be presented next week at High-End Munich 2023.

The E4 is designed to be compatible with all medium to heavy weight tonearms found on most budget and medium turntables. And because it uses the same high-quality core as other E-series cartridges in its construction, the E4 is ideal for both those who want to completely upgrade an outdated cartridge and those who want to boost the performance of their existing E-series cartridge by replacing needle.

How is the new E4 different?

Cartridge Goldring E4 Front side Bottom side

Super Elliptical Bare Diamond Stylus has a lower effective tip mass, increased stiffness and better high frequency detail extraction than “glued” elliptical alternatives. Light weight and excellent rigidity hollow aluminum console allows the stylus to track mids and highs with greater accuracy.

The QED magnetic duplex technology allows the stereo groove to be reproduced more accurately, resulting in a more accurate soundstage.

Unlike most models available, the E4 allows micro-adjustments to be made during the manufacturing process, ensuring that each cartridge leaves the Goldring factory with optimized channel balance and crosstalk settings.

New Super Elliptical Bare Diamond Stylus

The E4 features a bare, super-elliptical bar measuring just 7.6 x 18 microns (0.3 x 0.7 mils) that is cut and polished from a single, uniform piece of diamond. This provides a lower effective tip mass and increased rigidity, which in turn means that its ability to extract high frequency detail is greatly improved compared to the “glued” elliptical stylus alternative.

The bottom of a Goldring E4 Phono pickup

There is much less chance of misfollowing or overshoot when tracking high-frequency groove modulations, and thanks to the finely polished 7.6-micron profile, it can more effectively fit into closely spaced internal grooves. The low distortion, improved transient response and flat frequency response should result in even better sound than the E3 it replaces as a flagship model.

Hollow aluminum console

In addition to the lightweight needle tip, the E4 is equipped with a hollow aluminum cantilever tube. Light weight and superior material stiffness allow the stylus to track midst and highs with greater accuracy while reducing distortion and mistracing.

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Magnetic duplex technology

The stereo information is contained in a single V-groove with perpendicular sidewalls at a 45 degree angle. Conventional pickups that use a single large magnet interacting with two vertically mounted coils (one for left channel information, one for right) to extract the stereo signal from the groove can tolerate a high level of crosstalk and therefore only a small amount of noise. separation of left and right channels.

Top view Goldring E4 Phono cartridge

The Goldring E4 uses magnetic duplex technology, which places two low-mass magnets at the same angles as the coils, so each magnet only interacts with its partner coil. This allows the E4 to convey the information in the groove more accurately, resulting in more stereo separation and a more accurate soundstage.

Possibility of expert customization

“Azimuth” describes the angle that the vertical center line of the stylus makes with the surface of the record – it must be exactly perpendicular to the groove. Owners of budget and mid-range turntables usually do not have the ability to adjust the azimuth, so it is very important that the cartridge is finely adjusted before installing it on the arm – a poorly adjusted azimuth can cause increased crosstalk and uneven channel balance.

The E4 is designed to allow micro-adjustments to be made during production, ensuring that each cartridge leaves the Goldring factory without additional azimuth adjustment.

Goldring E4 phono cartridge on the side


  • Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Channel balance < 1.5 dB at 1 kHz
  • Channel separation > 20 dB at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity 3.5 mV (1 kHz at 5 cm/s)
  • Static matching 20 mm/N
  • Vertical tracking angle 20°
  • Stylus radius 7.6 microns (0.3 x 0.7 mils)
  • Stylus type nude elliptical
  • Load resistance 47 kOhm
  • Load capacity 100 – 200 pF
  • Internal inductance 400 mH
  • Internal resistance 410 ohm
  • Cartridge weight 6.9 g
  • fixing center 12.7 mm (0.5 in.)
  • Game weight 1.5–2.5 g (recommended 1.75 g)
Goldring E4 Phono cartridge box

Price and availability

The Goldring E4 Moving Magnet Cartridge will be available in June/July 2023 at a price of $299 / £199 / €259.

The Goldring E4 stylus will be available in June/July 2023 at a price of $275 / £145.00 / €185.00.

The Goldring E4 cartridge will be presented at the High End Show 2023 in Munich (18th– 21st. May) in room A (Atrium) 4.1, F110.

To buy a Goldring E4 moving magnet cartridge and learn about other Goldring products, visit (UK) (USA).

Goldring E4 is part of the E series moving magnet cartridge family including E1, E2 and E3.

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