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FiiO’s FT3 Open-Back Headphones Need To Be On Your Radar

You know who is having a very impressive year right now? Full name Astell&Kern may get more press attention because its products have more sex appeal to some in the Head-Fi community, but we’re increasingly convinced that your money can be better spent with FiiO. We had the opportunity to review a range of their DAPs, IEMs and DAC Dongles and each product was stellar in performance and a great value for money deal. New $299. Fiio FT3 weren’t on our radar and we’re very excited to try them out later this month.

FiiO FT3 is open type headphones with large 60mm dynamic drivers housed in a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy chassis. While headphones with larger drivers can often be noticeably larger and heavier, with the FT3, FiiO’s engineering team has created ergonomic and comfortable headphones that weigh just 391g.

Angle of the FiiO FT3 in-ear headphones

For maximum compatibility with audio sources, the high-quality FT3 monocrystalline copper headphone cable comes with a set of interchangeable plugs. Choose from 3.5mm and 6.35mm (unbalanced) or 4.4mm and XLR-4 (balanced), allowing the FT3 to be used with anything from digital audio players (DAPs) to smartphones; PC and FiiO R7 high-definition desktop audio player.

The 60mm dynamic drivers in the FT3 have a beryllium-coated gasket and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm. By using beryllium, FiiO engineers created a lighter pad that is much better adapted to the motion of the larger FT3 driver, resulting in much less distortion.

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This, combined with the fact that DLC is both strong and lightweight compared to other commonly used diaphragm materials, means the FT3 headphones offer a wide soundstage with excellent separation and detail; extremely low distortion and improved musicality. FT3 provides frequency response from 7Hz to 40kHz, 105dB sensitivity and impedance rating 350 Ohm.

FiiO FT3 on-ear headphones leaning against the wall

Along with the FT3’s 3-axis swivel design for the best fit, the drivers are also angled to keep them parallel to the ear when worn. Not only does this help reduce any distortion in the high-frequency response caused by sound waves hitting the contour of the ear and not entering it; but also minimizes any reflections caused by the headphone shell, which can lead to standing waves and further unwanted distortion.


Headphone type Open back
Driver type Dynamic
Driver size 60mm
Driver Diaphragm Material Beryllium-coated, diamond-like carbon (DLC) gasket
frequency response 7 Hz – 40 kHz
Sensitivity 105 dB (1 Vrms) at 1 kHz
Impedance 350 ohm
Length of cable 3m
Cable material Furukawa monocrystalline copper
Detachable cable Yes
Cable connectors Double 3.5mm
Cable connectors 3.5 mm (single-sided)
4.4 mm (balanced)
6.35 mm (single-sided) (via supplied adapter)
XLR-4 (balanced) (via supplied adapter)
Weight 391 g (without cable)
Ear cushion pressure 4.0 N ± 0.3 N
Supplied accessories 1 x 3.5mm single sided interchangeable plug
1 x 4.4mm balanced interchangeable plug
1 x 3.5mm to 6.35mm single sided adapter
1 x 4.4mm to XLR-4 balanced adapter
1 x headphone cable
1 x Removable protein leather ear pads (pair)
1 x detachable suede ear pads (pair)
1 x leather storage case 1 x instruction manual

Price and availability

With two pairs of detachable ear cushions (one pair of suede, one pair of leather) and a leather carrying case, the FiiO FT3 open-back headphones are now available for $299 on Audio46 and internationally for £289 or €299.

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