Exploring Job Opportunities in Spain: sectors with employment in each region

Exploring Job Opportunities in Spain: sectors with employment in each region

Trends in the labor market are not always static. There are sectors that, for various reasons, experience ups and downs at certain times. And also business activities that are developed more intensely in some areas of our geography. Analyzing these trends can help us establish the reality of job opportunities in Spain.

Although, due to its volume, it sometimes seems that the best job prospects occur only in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​there is life in the labor market landscape beyond these two large cities. If you want to know What sectors are the most in demand in your Autonomous CommunityWe’ll tell you then.

According to the latest Adecco Infoempleo Report based on the study of 1,765,687 employment positions generated in Spain during the last year, each region has its own particularities regarding the type of employment that is generated in them. Regarding the training level, a 37.30% of job offers They are aimed at candidates with university levelheading the ranking of academic requirements, while candidates with Vocational training yesand required in 34.75% of the published offers.

The yesectors most in demand by region They are made up of multiple areas of activity.


Located in third place in the employment ranking by Autonomous Communities, Andalusia holds 10.42% of the offer in our country. The sectors of health, services, education, commerce and real estate They are the ones with the most demand, according to the sectoral distribution of vacancies.


Aragón occupies seventh place in the ranking. It stands out especially in the sector services, health, transport and logistics, trade and steel.

Principality of Asturias

According to the study, Asturias would remain in fifteenth place. The sectors that generate the most job offers in this region are those of insurance, education, real estate, commerce and health.

Canary Islands

Occupying eleventh place, the Canary Islands show a strong inclination towards the teaching, real estate, commerce, health and telecommunications. While the sector Hostel and TourismAlthough it shows signs of recovery, it still remains far from the first position it occupied before the pandemic in this community.


In thirteenth place in the rankingCantabria has in-demand positions in areas of services, commerce, health, transport and logistics and education and training.

Castile and León

It occupies sixth place in employment by Autonomous Communities. The sectors that publish the most job offers in this region are: commerce, education and training, health, services and insurance.

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Castilla la Mancha

In ninth position. The most relevant occupation areas of this region are distributed between healthcare, transport and logistics, education and training, commerce and real estate.


Catalonia is among the communities that generate the most jobs, occupying second position in the ranking. Its main areas of activity are in services, transport and logistics, IT, food, beverages and tobacco, and industrial sector.

Madrid’s community

In first place we find the Community of Madrid, where more jobs are offered, especially in the sectors of services, transport and logistics, IT, education and insurance.

Valencian Community

Occupying fifth position, the Valencian Community stands out in the sectors of real estate, transport and logistics, health, commerce and services.


In fourteenth position, the most in-demand occupation areas in the Extremadura region are in the health, education, commerce, real estate and Transport and logistics.


It holds the eighth position in the classification, and its most notable sectors are: telecommunications, commerce, health, services and teaching.

Balearic Islands

In sixteenth position, the Balearic Islands have more demand in sectors such as: teaching, commerce, health, real estate and Transport and logistics.

The Rioja

In seventeenth place in the ranking. The areas of commerce, health, education, services and industry They are the ones that have the greatest relevance in this Community.


In twelfth place we find Navarra, with a high number of vacancies, especially in commerce, industry, health, transportation and logistics and services.

Basque Country

The fourth position in the ranking would go to the Basque Country, with a distribution of employment that focuses on the sectors of: services, steel, industry, Transport and logistics and trade.

Murcia Region

In tenth position, the areas of greatest activity are found in areas of transport and logistics, commerce, food, beverages and tobacco, real estate and services.

Logistics managers taking advantage of job opportunities in Spain

Job offers 2024

The labor market is changing and is divided into sectors aimed at responding to customer requirements. That is why areas such as hospitality, logistics or industry They are more in demand in certain specific areas of our country.

As is also natural, although Spain is well known for its offers in sectors of Hostel and Tourismyou must take into account the time of the year and the moment that the market is experiencing. It is evident that it will be easier to find work in hotels in summer seasonswhen occupancy increases, than from November to March, in which tourism is at low times.

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