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Enleum’s Flagship AMP-54R Amplifier: High-End Munich 2023

Have you ever wondered what happened to Bakun? Enleum has been a flagship company since 2009 and the decision was recently made to rebrand the company under its original name. The same people. The same innovative products. For a brand that originated in a Pennsylvania college dorm room, Enleum has really pushed the boundaries for nearly 14 years; North American audiophiles outside of the Head-Fi space have been rather slow to take notice, and it really needs to change.

The AMP-54R is Enleum’s new product and flagship amplifier expected to be available in Fall 2023 for $20,000. It is a direct successor to the outdated 100-watt Bakoon AMP-51R amplifier introduced in 2016. In addition, it incorporates the latest advancements learned from the AMP-23R and HPA-23RM models.

Front amplifier Enleum AMP-54R

Enleum AMP-54R This is a variable gain power amplifier. There is no preamplifier inside, but the volume/gain can be adjusted without any loss, so it can be used as an integrated amplifier. The volume slider is hidden under the right side of the device.

According to the company, no preamplifier is needed.

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Enleum claims that their proprietary software controlled bias system is called JET offset it’s a breakthrough that allowed them to develop the AMP-54R with next-level performance, stability, efficiency, and most importantly, next-level audio quality. Along with the latest circuitry, Enleum also boasts a significant breakthrough in industrial design, improving aesthetics, precision, rigidity and overall build quality.

Thanks to these engineering efforts, the AMP-54R boasts its compact form factor at 400mm x 400mm x 70mm (width x depth x height), nearly half the size of the previous flagship AMP-51R while maintaining the same output power. In addition, the transformer capacity has been increased by 25% and the power supply capacity has doubled, now in a dual mono configuration.

Amplifier Enleum AMP-54R Angle Low

Thanks to the new JET3 offset (which evolved from the AMP-23R’s JET2 offset), a new software algorithm now tracks and optimizes the output stage offset with greater accuracy; resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in all conditions. In addition, increasing the stability of the output bias circuit directly affects the drive power, allowing the AMP-54R to drive a wider range of loudspeakers with ease.

The AMP-54R also includes a more advanced 32-bit processor to run the latest, more sophisticated software architecture for more precise control of all circuits.

Enleum is also offering two add-on modules with its amplifiers for the first time. The first module is a patented current input phono stage that maximizes the performance of MC cartridges by using current signals. The second module is a streaming DAC module with coaxial and optical inputs. These modules make the AMP-54R a complete, versatile amplifier for an uncompromisingly minimalist high-end audio system.

The AMP-54R is carefully assembled and tested by Enleum’s chief engineers either in Korea or California, depending on the destination. This is the company’s most ambitious project to date and represents the pinnacle of their engineering and design expertise.

Corner amplifier Enleum AMP-54R

Price and availability

The tentative MSRP for the base AMP-54R, excluding add-on modules, is approximately $20,000 U.S. DOLLAR. European prices are set at €25,000 (including EU VAT) and £25,000 (including UK VAT). Please note MSRP is subject to change after product launch in Q3 or Q4 2023.

Enleum will be demonstrating the first AMP-54R prototype at High End Munich (Room F204 – A4.2) from May 18-21. Please contact info@enleum.com for more information.

About Enleum Inc.

Name Enleum is the unity of the words “Enlightenment” and “Eum” (“Sound” in Korean). The San Jose, California-based company designs and manufactures unique, high-quality audio products to the highest industry standards. Their product range includes compact portable headphone amplifiers and uncompromising flagship audiophile amplifiers. For more information visit enleum.com.

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