Employment in Tourism: Spain expects record numbers for this year

Employment in Tourism: Spain expects record numbers for this year

These days in FITUR, the International Tourism Fair held in Madrid, there is an air of optimism and renewal. This event, considered one of the most important in the world in the tourism sectornot only serves as a showcase for the latest trends and emerging destinationsbut it is also a reliable thermometer of the state of health of the industry and the employment in tourism in Spain. Our country hopes for this year record numbers in visitors, which will have a very positive impact on job creation.

The growth of tourism in Spain after the pandemic it is indisputable. As one of the most valued tourist destinations in Europe, our country generate million jobs throughout the territory. This reality is evident in the data of behavior of the labor sector in years like 2022, which in the second quarter reached the maximum peak of active workers thanks to the hiring for the summer campaign.

Hiring in the sector also accounted for the 24.65% of all contracts made in Spain for 2022. With a total of 4,514,104 contracts, a specific drop of 5.54% was experienced due to the renewal of Royal Decree Law 32/2021 of December 28, on urgent measures for labor reform, which established priority of indefinite contracts compared to temporary contracts.

However, the Hiring number has increased notably, with more than 450,000 contracts compared to the previous year. Although the data collected pre-pandemicthe economic and hiring recovery is clearly evident compared to 2020.

The sectors that generated the most employmentwith almost half of the employment contracts in the tourism field by 2022, were concentrated in restoration activities. He air Transport, for its part, stood out as the sector with the highest percentage increase in contract volume, registering a growth of 88.16%. He leisure sector also experienced solid growth, with a 30.31% increase in hiring volume. Lastly, the sector Accommodation Services experienced an increase of 177,469 contracts compared to the previous year.

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Restoration worker performing his job thanks to employment in tourism

What is the future of employment in tourism?

The economic impact of tourism in Spain is expected to continue with a exponential growth in 2024, continuing the job recovery that has been experienced since 2021. Employment data for 2023 largely supports this forecast. However, as the study expresses, trends in the travel and tourism industry They will demand more technological and versatile profiles that until now.

For areas such as restoration and hotel occupancy Profiles highly focused on the sector are sought, valuing the professionalization and specialization of the occupation. In this sense, the State Foundation for Employment Training (FUNDAE) is in the development phase of a card for hospitality professionals that records the skills and training related to the sector.

Professionals at a technical level, whether in sales, commerce, marketing or communication, among others, are expected to be able to handle multichannel communication. The specialization in customer service It will also be an essential factor in hiring. Furthermore, they highlight language skillswith English, French, German and Italian being the most valued in the tourism sector.

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