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Dirac, StormAudio & Perlisten Are Bringing A 11.7.6 Channel Home Theater System To High-End Munich 2023

Swedish company Dirac has teamed up with StormAudio and Perlisten to showcase the most advanced and immersive home theater demo ever presented at High-End Munich from May 18th to 21st.

The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to experience an unprecedented level of home theater audio that combines the intelligence of Dirac’s new Live Active Room Treatment software with StormAudio’s powerful ISP Elite MK3 processor with immersive sound and THX-certified Dominus Perlisten 11.7.6 surround sound. system. The demonstration will be presented at Messe München in Atrium 3.1, halls D111 and C112.


Custom built home theater room designed to showcase features and patented technologies Dirac Live active room care (first shown at CES 2023 last January). This technology can optimize the audio output for any system with two or more speakers in any room, reducing the need for expensive physical acoustic processing products.

Dirac Live active room treatment enabled
Dirac Live active room treatment enabled

From Fredrik Tupper, VP of Dirac Home & Pro Audio: “The home theater we’re unveiling at High End 2023 combines the latest advances in room optimization, audio processing and speaker design to deliver amazing audio quality that will set a new standard for audiophiles, individual integrators and their customers…reducing the need for passive instruments such as bass traps or wall treatments, Dirac’s new easy-to-use Live Active Room Treatment software can deliver theater-quality performance in rooms of any size and shape, allowing more people to enjoy an enhanced experience in comfort. own house“.

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The StormAudio ISP Elite MK3 immersive sound processor provided for the Show demo provides up to 24 channels of decoding and upmixing for the most popular immersive surround sound formats, including Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro and IMAX Enhanced, and offers 32 channels post-processing, the most advanced version of Dirac Live and the latest StormAudio Expert Bass Management.

Storm Audio Elite ISP MK3 and PA stack

From Olivier Tumerel, CEO of StormAudio: “With the debut of this custom demo system and our upcoming Dirac Live ART integration, we are redefining expectations for ultra-high-end systems… StormAudio is constantly raising the standard for maximum system performance and immersive audio through cutting-edge technology, and we are excited to bring the latest Dirac innovations to all of our products to ensure all of our valued customers could further enhance their home theater systems with space-optimized output“.

Tip: Dirac Live Active Room Treatment will be included at no additional charge on all StormAudio units ordered from January 1, 2023 through a Spring 2023 firmware update. StormAudio devices purchased prior to January 1st will be able to upgrade using Dirac Live Active Room. Treatment after updating the Spring 2023 firmware by purchasing a license from the Dirac online store for $299.


The 15-seat demo home theater is the first THX-certified Dominus home theater to ever be shown at the High End.

PerListen s7t Tower paired with d212s subwoofer

From Lars Johansen, Sales Director Perlisten: “Audiophiles and high-end customers will recognize that Perlisten is the best choice for theater-grade audio reproduction that delivers clarity and fidelity for every type of content, and all High-End Show attendees will be able to experience it for themselves in this luxurious demo space. … When additional technologies emerge that can help us explore and invent new standards of performance and efficiency, such as the pioneering Dirac Live Active Room Treatment technology, it is beneficial for all of us to work together and come up with innovative solutions. We’re thrilled to help create this exciting show space and event so we can give industry insiders, professional integrators, and the general public their first look at the future of home theater audio.“.

Boat Njord Projector

Other components

In addition to Dirac, StormAudio, and Perlisten, other components featured in the demo include Dan D’Agostino power amps (models not listed) for the front channels, and StormAudio PA 8 Ultra and PA 16 power amps for the rest of the channels. Source devices include a Kaleidescape player (most likely a Strato C with a Terra server) powering a Barco Njord projector. Information about the brand and model of the screen is not provided.

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