Create Your First Resume: Step-by-Step Guide to Impress Employers

Create Your First Resume: Step-by-Step Guide to Impress Employers

If the time has come to look for your first job, the step of creating your resume becomes inevitable. Expressing your achievements, aspirations and abilities in the best way possible is essential when it comes to write your first resume. Even if you think that without professional experience it is very difficult to get hired, keep in mind that we all start from scratch. Knowing how to present yourself and stand out as the most suitable candidate for a position is a job that requires prior analysis. Do you want to know how to do it? We tell you everything below.

How to make your first resume?

To start writing your first resume you must analyze yourself and know what you want to opt for. If you are still studying, adding relevant information from the work you have done in your subjects can be a good idea.

However, it is advisable that you do not try to fill that blank space of experience with irrelevant information. For your information how to manage all areas of the resume, we leave you some steps to evaluate.

  • Know your profile. Think about your strengths, skills and most outstanding competencies. In order to adapt the rest of the sections, try to specify what you are especially good at and what type of jobs you may be best suited for.
  • Describe your academic achievements. This section is just as important as work experience. You can talk about projects you have done, scholarships, achievements and relevant subjects. Also, it never hurts to add an average of your grades if you think it might be helpful.
  • Skills and Languages. Don’t make these sections too long for fear of leaving your resume too empty. Ideally, you should write down about four or five skills and two main languages.
  • Adapt the resume to the company. It is convenient that you have a standard resume, and use it as a template to adapt it to the companies of your interest or the offers you find. This simple tip will help you make the modifications more quickly, so that you can apply for the offers in a more optimal way.
  • Write a cover letter. Introduce yourself, summarize your academic and professional history (if you have one), and talk about who you are or who you intend to be as a professional. Sometimes, there will be offers in which you must attach a letter of motivation or presentation, so it will be very useful for you to have it in advance.
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Group of students reviewing the keys to creating their first resume

Sample resume without experience

To give you a general image of how to make your first resume as a student, we leave you a example with fictitious data so you can take it as a reference if you need it:

Luis Garcia

Contact information:

Calle San Martín, 00, Floor 3, Madrid, Spain

+34 555 55 55 55

Link to professional networks.

Professional profile:

Second year student of Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She looked for opportunities to do internships in the area of ​​software development. Passionate about programming and problem solving, with skills in Java and Python.


Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Expected completion date: 2026


Sales assistant (internship)

Alpha XY01 Technology Store, Madrid

(June 2022 – August 2022)

  • Customer service and advice on technological products.
  • Manage inventory and make sales.
  • Close the box.
  • Collaborate in the organization of events.


  • Development in Java and Python.
  • Problem resolution.
  • Teamwork.
  • Customer Support.
  • Microsoft Office.


  • Development of a mobile application for computer task management using Java (university project).

Awards and honours:

  • Academic merit scholarship, Polytechnic University of Madrid, 2021.

Data of interest:

  • Languages: English (Advanced), French (Basic).
  • Availability to carry out full-time internships.
  • Proactive, results-oriented and quick learner.
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