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Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Loudspeaker Gets The Paint Job It Always Deserved

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the most iconic loudspeakers ever made, Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled a rather eye-catching new Abalone Pearl finish for the Nautilus loudspeakers. The specific color was chosen to match the inner shell of the sea mollusk, which was the inspiration for the project.

Nautilus is still a remarkable achievement, even 30 years after its introduction. This is a testament to the pioneering vision of both company founder John Bowers, who initiated the Nautilus project shortly before his death, and the lead engineer who ultimately embodied that legacy, Lawrence Dickey.

Nautilus’ idea was simple but extremely complex: “make a loudspeaker that doesn’t sound like a loudspeaker.” Armed with an exceptionally broad mission, no time constraints, and few practicality or cost constraints, the Nautilus arrived five years later.

Nothing in audio looks or sounds like the Nautilus, which remains a symbol of radical thinking and revolutionary design to this day. The Abalone Pearl finish of the 30th Anniversary pair is a stunning celebration of one of the most legendary loudspeakers ever made.

30 years later, the Nautilus is still being built the same way; painstakingly hand-assembled at the Bowers & Wilkins factory in Worthing, UK. It takes more than a week to simply build a single speaker cabinet—and that’s before any ideas for sanding, painting, or polishing each cabinet are involved.

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Commenting on the 30th anniversary, Dave Shin, Brand President of Bowers & Wilkins, said:

“While Bowers & Wilkins is committed to advancing the future of high performance audio across its entire product portfolio, Nautilus continues to be of paramount importance to all of us. It effortlessly captures everything Bowers & Wilkins is exceptional and our uncompromising approach to creating audio products with the world’s best sounding and most beautiful design.”

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 30th Anniversary Loudspeaker in Abolone Pearl, side view

Price and availability

Pearl’s 30th Anniversary Nautilus is handcrafted to order for $70,000/pairtherefore it will not be sold by any dealers.

The standard color Nautilus in Midnight Blue Metallic, Silver and Black is also available for $70,000 a pair.

Bowers & Wilkins also offers a special service that can match any color from a sample or reference color for an additional fee.

No matter what color you choose, be prepared to wait. There is currently a two-year waiting list.

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus loudspeakers in Midnight Blue Metallic, Silver and Red

About Bowers and Wilkins

Founded in the UK in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins has been at the forefront of high performance audio technology for over 50 years. The company designs and manufactures precision home speakers, headphones, custom installations and high-performance car audio systems that set new standards in innovation and sound quality, receiving countless awards and accolades from the world’s leading recording studios and musicians. Bowers & Wilkins’ reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to the best sound and the ultimate music listening experience.

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