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Audio Pro’s x Peter Eugén T3+ Wireless Speaker Har en gyllene touch

Founded 45 years ago, Audio Pro is a Swedish company that manufactures home and portable speakers, subwoofers and multi-room players. In 2023, Audio Pro partnered with artist Peter Eugene to release a limited edition of their popular model. Portable Bluetooth Speaker T3+.

Peter Eugen is a talented self-taught artist known for portraits of famous icons including Bruce Springsteen, Sean Connery, Phil Collins and Danny Trejo to name a few.

Peter Eugene

The collaboration between Audio Pro and Peter Eugén provides customers with a T3+ speaker with sandblasted matte gold accents and luxurious finishes.

Peter Eugene’s unique design touches include “Mr. Nobody”, a figure that often appears in his work, is made of gold-colored aluminum on the side of the speaker. Peter also decided to make the control panel, grille and sandblasted leather grip bindings in gold.

Audio Pro x Peter Eugen T3+ Wireless Speaker Top

From Jens Henriksen, Commercial Director of Audio Pro: “We think it’s great that Peter Eugene left his mark on one of our speaker creations. He is a talented individual with over 60 exhibitions to his credit, and it’s easy to see why when you see his work. It has both playful and socially critical motives and often very interesting messages. His sense of color and design makes him an obvious candidate for such a design collaboration.

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From Peter Eugene: “As an artist and designer, I take great pride in being able to put my print and design on one of their columns. I feel like Audio Pro has a clear mindset when it comes to design and quality, and when given the opportunity to represent my brand with them, I never hesitated. After many conversations, ideas, reflections, sketches and changes, we finally settled on a simple yet luxurious design that I feel symbolizes both my brand and Audio Pro. It is the small details that matter a lot and the whole product looks stylish and neat. Luxurious yet artistic.

Audio Pro x Peter Eugen T3+ Wireless Speaker Top knob and buttons


  • type of product: Portable speaker
  • Model: T3+ (special edition by Peter Eugene)
  • Amplifier type: digital class D
  • output power: 25W
  • Twitter: 2 x 0.75″ fabric domes
  • woofer: 1 x 3.5″ telephoto
  • Wired audio inputs: SUB 3.5mm
  • Wireless audio input: Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Audio support: Analog, Apple lossless, MP3, WMA, FLAC
  • Battery Life: 30 hours at half volume / 12 hours at full volume
  • USB phone charging: Yes
  • Overall dimensions (VSHD): 115 x 215 x 135 mm (4.53 x 8.46 x 5.31 inches)
  • Weight: 2.1 kg (4 lb/10 oz)
Audio Pro x Peter Eugen T3+ Wireless speaker front and rear

Prices and Availability

The Audio Pro T3+ Peter Eugen Special Edition is available directly from Audio Pro or from authorized dealers starting June 2023. Price is $230 (Canada price to be announced later).

Tip: Peter Eugen Edition official online product page coming soon.

The Audio T3+ is also available in the following special editions: Coral, Lemon, Garden and Aqua.

Audio Pro x Peter Eugen T3+ Wireless speaker packaging

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