8 keys to success on your first day of work

8 keys to success on your first day of work

Arriving for the first time a new job It can cause uncertainty and nerves. Issues such as colleagues, bosses, and the adjustment period can make you feel pressure to fit in and complete tasks quickly. Facing your first day at work It doesn’t have to be a stressful situation if you know how to act. Even if you want make a good impressionyou must maintain serenity and a active listening attitude. In order to help you in this aspect, we propose a series of tips to help you rock your first day. Take note!

Before the first day of work

  • Dress appropriately. The nerves of the first day can work against you and make you commit an aesthetic crime. It is important that you take care of your wardrobe and adapt to the office environment.
  • Arrives early. Maybe before going to the office they need your ID, the subway is late or your bosses propose a round of introductions with your colleagues. Punctuality is a trait that adds value at work, so try to arrive about fifteen minutes early.
  • Prepare a short presentation. If you know that you may find it difficult to introduce yourself in a few words, have a short speech prepared that includes the most important points about who you are as a person and as a professional.

During the first day

  • Get interested. Don’t think that asking is going to make you look less professional. Every company has its own processes and methods, and asking is the best way to learn about them.
  • Connect with your colleagues. To begin your adaptation to the work environment, it is essential that you learn from the people around you. Team integration will help you feel more relaxed and at ease in the new work environment.
  • Learn. Not only the tasks you will have to perform, but also what is expected of you. Being aware of the professional expectations of your position will help you better understand what you do and what you can achieve within your new company. This aspect will be very useful in your career, since you will be able to be aware of your own aspirations in the new position.
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New hire meeting her colleagues on the first day of work

After the first day

  • Just relax. Reviewing everything you have said or done during your first day is not perfectionism, it is anxiety. Remember that you don’t have to know how to do everything from the beginning and that everyone needs initial training to be able to do their job.
  • Review and plan. If you consider that a short review of the activities you have done can help you, do not hesitate to do so. Of course, don’t spend hours studying and trust yourself. A short review of fifteen or twenty minutes will be more than enough to be able to remember and plan the tasks of your position.

Note that we all need a reasonable period of adaptation. Don’t want to rush things for fear of how others will perceive you. keep a assertive attitude, open to improvements, and present your ideas when you think they can be beneficial for performance. The most important thing is that you get to feel comfortable at your workplace, so remember to enjoy this period with your nerves to a minimum.

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