6 mistakes you should avoid in the job interview

6 mistakes you should avoid in the job interview

After searching for offers, prior processes, waiting and nerves, the step to the job interview can catch you off guard. If your profile fits what the company is looking for and contacts you, you may think that you already have a lot to gain. Although that’s not everything. The impression that the interviewer will form of you can become distorted for different reasons. That is why we want to help you specify the mistakes that you should avoid in the job interview, so that your next process is a success.

Steps prior to the interview

Before going to the appointment, you must complete a exercise of self-knowledge. To be able to answer the interviewer’s questions without hesitation, you have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

In the business field there is a very useful method that you can apply to know yourself better. This is the SWOT method. Invented by Albert Humphreythis business strategy will make you aware of which areas you can enhance and which ones to use as a resource.

It is based on creating a grid in which you will write down your weaknessesthe threats external the ones you face, the strengths that you have and the opportunities at your fingertips. This method can help you reflect and be more aware of those skills that differentiate you and all those others that you could work on.

If you want to go one step further in this analysis, you can also perform the CAME matrixwhich will help correct or enhance the different areas. Once you are clear about who you are as a professional, let’s move on to the interview preparation.

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Mistakes you should avoid in the job interview

The points that we present below are the main keys to take into account in any selection process. You can use these aspects as a list in which you can check off the boxes as you check. Doing so will help you specify the different spheres that make up the interview.

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1. Not knowing what it says on your CV or cover letter. If you are in the interview phase, it is assumed that you have already sent it, but Could you argue everything it says in them? It is important that review the documents that you sent to the company and can explain them in detail if asked about it.

2. Wear inappropriate clothing. Sometimes this point, which can be crucial, is not given importance. If you work in banking, for example, showing up in shorts may not be the best option. Although this aspect is superficial, it is advisable that you show your ability to adapt to circumstances by dressing according to the work environment.

3. Not adapting your professional skills. Where did you acquire it? What skill are you most proud of? Which one do you think would be useful to develop in that position? Be clear at all times about the usefulness and strength of your skills.

4. Use tense body language. Try not to look away, make nervous tics, maintain too rigid a posture, and have a serious expression. You must take the interview with relaxation and professionalism. If this aspect is difficult for you, try practicing with friends or family.

5. Not knowing how to answer questions. As well as the research you do about the company before the appointment, prepare for a series of common interview questions It will be essential.

6. Not tracking. Once you’re done, reflect on what you could have improved and be flexible about your response time. The reasonable waiting time is usually one to two weeks. If after that time you have not received a response, you can send them a e-mail to be interested in the candidacy. However, avoid appearing anxious.

First of all, your goal is to improve. Remember that a failed interview does not define who you are as a professional.

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